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  • The National Family Planning Programme of India had introduced condom as one of the family planning methods in the late1960s.
  • Promotion of condom use for preventing unwanted pregnancies is somewhat curbed by promoting it to prevent HIV/AIDS
  • Male and female condoms are barrier methods of
    contraception. They stop sperm meeting an egg.
  • The most common type of male condom is a fine latex rubber sheath, which is worn on an erect (stiff) penis. Nonlatex condoms made from polyurethane are also available
  • The Government of many countries receive grants from the Global Fund to fight HIV under
    New Funding Model (NFM) which it intends to use part of the proceeds to fund payments
    under the contract for the Supply and Delivery of Male Condoms.
  • Condom manufacturer should have a registration license from Regulatory authority
  • The primary raw material used to make male condoms is natural rubber latex which is obtained
    from the tree Hevea brasiliensis
  • Latex used in the dipping industry is concentrated by centrifugation to a dry rubber content of
    60%. Manufacturers will normally use latex meeting the requirements of ASTM D1076-06 or ISO 2004: 1997- Natural rubber latex concentrate -- Centrifuged or creamed, ammonia-preserved types Specification
  • Most manufacturers rely upon certificates of analysis supplied by the latex supplier to confirm that the latex is within specification but manufacturers should conduct their own testing, using independent laboratories if necessary to confirm compliance
  • The chemicals used to vulcanise the latex are normally added as solutions, emulsions or, in the case of solid materials, as dispersions suspended in water
  • Actual formulations and compounding procedures vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and
    are often regarded as proprietary and highly confidential
  • The production of condoms is much more labor intensive than that of glove manufacturing, because of more stringent testing needs, more complicated packaging, and significant product differentiation.
  • After prevulcanization and /or maturation the solids content of the latex is adjusted to that required for dipping by adding ammoniated water
  • There are many different designs of dipping plant.
  • Formers mounted on a chain progress around the dipping line sequentially entering and exiting
    the various stages. The key online stages are: former cleaning, former drying, dip tank one, drying, dip tank two, drying, beading, final drying/vulcanization, leaching and stripping
  • The freshly manufactured condoms are subjected to a series of washing and treatment processes designed to remove residual chemicals from the latex film and deposit a thin coating of powder in the condom to prevent sticking as the condoms are dried and subjected to testing and packaging.
  • Prior to packaging condoms are subjected to 100% inspection for freedom from holes using electronic testing
  • Contraceptive prevalence is projected to increase from 17 to 27 per cent in Western Africa, from 23 to 34 per cent in Middle Africa, from 40 to 55 per cent in Eastern Africa, and from 39 to 45 per cent in Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia
  • The Commodity Fund (CF) provides central funds to
    procure male and female condoms for HIV/AIDS programs and it ensures their expedited delivery to USAID supported countries

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