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  • Cordierite (mineralogy) or iolite (gemology) is a magnesium iron aluminium cyclosilicate.
  • Cordierite typically occurs in contact or regional metamorphism of argillaceous rocks.
  • Two common metamorphic mineral assemblages include sillimanite-cordierite-spinel and cordierite-spinel-plagioclase-orthopyroxene.
  • Cordierite most important feature is that it has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion and excellent resistance to thermal shock.
  • Cordierite was known and used as a gemstone in Sri Lanka.
  • Cordierite materials and others based on it are magnesium aluminosilicates, fabricated by sintering soapstone or talcum with the addition of clay, kaolin, fireclay, corundum and mullite.
  • Cordierite can be made in high volume through cost-effective extrusion or dry-pressing methods.
  • Cordierite is a common constituent in contact metamorphosed argillaceous or arenaceous sediments and in regionally metamorphosed settings where it occurs only in high grade gneiss
  • The dumortierite-bearing cordierite-orthoamphibole rocks occur as thin layers and lenses in the upper-amphibolite facies area of the central part of the Bamble Sector
  • Cordierite diesel particulate filters provide an economical approach to diesel emissions control.
  • Cordierite honeycomb monoliths of square channels  were used as substrates for the Preparation of Washcoated Monolith.
  • Indialite, the rare high-temperature hexagonal form of cordierite. Synthetic hexagonal cordierite is often found in glass ceramics and has a wide range of technical applications
  • Synthetized cordierite was used as a refractory filler in the ceramic layer for evaporative polystyrene patterns in the new casting technology, Lost Foam Process.
  • The spectroscopic micro-FTIR technique has been used to examine a series of natural cordierite samples of different geological environments and chemical composition.
  • The channel H2O, CO2, and alkali contents of 33 natural cordierites have been analyzed using a combination of Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FrrR), electron-microprobe analysis, and chemical and isotopic techniques.
  • Kiln furniture usually is made of cordierite or various types of silicon carbide. High-value silicon carbide kiln furniture is a growing market, whereas the market for cordierite is shrinking.
  • The official concedes that the biggest drawback of silicon-carbide is cost: estimated at 15-20 percent more than cordierite.
  • Cordierites have low coefficients of thermal expansion and excellent resistance to thermal shock. They offer a range of thermal expansion, mechanical strength and porosity criteria. They excel as cost-effective extruded and dry-pressed forms.
  • 447 offers excellent thermal shock resistance with high continuous porosity, suitable for applications such as welding tile.
  • 547 offers very good thermal shock resistance with improved flexural strength due to its semivitreous properties. It is able to withstand rapid temperature fluctuations, such as those found in oil burner applications.
  • 701 also offers very good thermal shock resistance, good flexural strength and 0-1% porosity due to its vitrified properties. This cordierite can self-glaze. It is suitable for applications such as commercial heater supports.
  • About Cordierite materials
  • About Cordierite
  • About general Cordierite
  • Information about Cordierite
  • General Cordierite Information
  • Description on Cordierite
  • Cordierite information


  • Petrology of the shathbogbie batholith: a cordierite bearing granite
  • Cordierite-anthophylite-cummingtonite rocks from the lar deposit,laurie lake,manitoba
  • Cordierite and leucogranite formation during empacement of highly peraluminous magma:the EI Pilon granite complex
  • Gem-quality Cordierite Deposits, Slocan Valley, British Columbia
  • Cordierite Growth Textures and the Conditions of Genesis and Emplacement of Crustal Granitic Magmas: the Velay Granite Complex (Massif Central, France)
  • Mg-rich dumortierite in cordierite or thoamphibole-bearing rocks from the highgrade Bamble Sector, south Norway
  • Surinamitei n pseudomorphasf ter cordierite in polymetamorphic granulites from Zambia


  • Effects of exhaust after treatment technologies on concentrations of diesel particulate matter and gases in underground mines
  • Cordierite volatile content and the role of CO, in high-grade metamorphism
  • New data IR-and GR-spectroscopy natural and synthetic cordierites
  • Innovative beam pipe technology
  • Spectroscopic Methods in Mineralogy


  • Cordierites: compositional controls of Ao cell parameters, and optical properties
  • Fabrication and mechanical properties of cordierite/ZrO2 composites by pressureless sintering
  • A Wide Range of Properties for Diverse Applications
  • Optic properties of cordierite in relation to alkalies in the cordierite-beryl structure
  • Structural properties of ferromagnesian cordierites
  • Cordierite Properties


  • Orientation and effects of channel H2O and C02 in cordierite
  • Breakdown of synthetic potassic cordierite at low PT conditions
  • Dependence of water content in structural channels on the composition of fe-mg solid solutions of cordierite
  • High-temperaturcer ystalc hemistryo f hydrousM g- andF e-cordierites
  • Immiscibility between carbonic fluids and granitic melts during crustal anatexis
  • Order/disorder phase transition in cordierite and its possible relationship to the development of symplectite reaction textures in granulites
  • Synthesis and determination of structural parameters of cordierites
  • Contact Metamorphism in Pelitic Rocks on the Island of Kos (Greece, Eastern Aegean Sea): a Test for the Na-in-Cordierite Thermometer


  • Monazite in the Longstaff Bluff Formation: Variations in composition, texture, and age from greenschist to granulite facies
  • Development of a new support stand with high thermal stability for the SCSS project
  • Musquodoboit Batholith Project: geological mapping of the Musquodoboit Harbour area
  • Clean Gas Reformer
  • Cordierite Powder
  • Cast Parts
  • Cordierite tube
  • Kiln furniture & Arc Chutes

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Cordierite, ceramic
  • Ceramic components-Cordierite
  • Cordierite Grog
  • Cordierite Fired Shape
  • Refractory backing tape


  • Cordierite and its application
  • Distribution of H2O between cordierite and granitic melt: H2O incorporation in cordierite and its application to high grade metamorphism and crustal anatexis
  • Characteristics of zeolite washcoats on cordierite monoliths for environmental applications
  • Indialite in xenolithic rocks from Somma-Vesuvius volcano (Southern Italy): Crystal chemistry and petrogenetic features
  • Applications of the Rietveld Method
  • New cordierite diesel particulate filters for catalyzed and non-catalyzed applications
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Cordierite from Kaolin and Talc for Casting Application


  • Corning Introduces Next-Generation Cordierite Filter for Light-Duty Diesel Vehicles
  • Commercial uses of [synthetic] cordierite
  • Influence of the cordierite lining on the lost foam casting process
  • Vibration characteristic of a stable support stand using cordierite ceramic
  • Diesel Engine Systems Emission Control Strategies

Company Profile

  • Company in Bombay
  • Company in Saxonburg
  • Company in Australia
  • Company in UK
  • Company in Ahmedabad
  • Company in Czech republic


  • Consultant in Romania
  • Consultant in Virginia
  • Cordierites Experts
  • Consultant in Washington
  • Consultant in UK


  • Cordierite body
  • Cordierite ceramic filter
  • Low thermal expansion cordierite aggregate and its bonded body
  • Porous cordierite ceramics
  • Method of manufacturing dense cordierite
  • Process of preparing cordierite
  • Low thermal expansion modified cordierites


  • Selling leads of cordierites
  • Supplier of cordierites
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of cordierites
  • Trade leads of cordierites
  • Exporters of cordierites

Market & Report

  • Engineering ceramics market outlook
  • The growing demand for diesel particulate filters is a boon for suppliers
  • Radioactive holos
  • Cordierite
  • Diesel particulate filter
  • A high-pressure phase transition in cordierite
  • Petrologic and geochronological constraints on the polymetamorphic evolution of the Fosdick migmatite dome, Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica

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