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@ a Glance
  • Dry corn milling process of corn are tempering degerming process, stone ground or non-degerming process, or
    alkaline-cooked process.
  • Flaking grits are the large size grits obtained, as the top fraction is a premium product in the developed countries where corn flakes are popular as breakfast cereal.
  •  Maize grits are used as adjuncts to barley malt in beer manufacture. Normally
    for 3 parts of barley malt, one part of grits is used. This ratio varies based on type of beer.
  • Coarse powdery fraction finer than grits is termed maize meal. The main end uses are in making snack foods, breads, and bakery items. Considering the huge Indian market for these items selling maize rava should be easy.
  • The main plant and machinery consists cleaning equipment, degermer, roller mills, flaking
    unit, tortilla plant, chip making plant. Major part of the machinery is to be imported
  • about Corn Mills
  • Fact Sheet
  • Flaking Grit

Company Products

  • Yellow Maize Grit
  • Corn grit suppliers

Machinery & Processing

  • Corn grit maize grit making machine - China
  • Corn Degermination
  • Maize Grit Plant supplier - India
  • Machinery from India
  • 50TPD Dry Milling Corn Grit and Flour plant from China
  • Wet Milling of Maize Grits
  • Corn(maize) Degerminator

Quality & Standard

  •  Code of Hygienic Practice
  • Degermed maize (corn) meal and to degermed maize (corn) grits
  • Degermed maize meal and maize grits-Specification
  • Classification of Dry-Milled Maize Grit
Projects Information
  • Project Proposal from consultant
  • Model Business plan for corn grit & corn based products
  • Sample project profile for Corn grit & corn flakes
  • Machinery suppliers
  • Sample costing

Applications & Markets

  • Development of Corngrit-Broken Rice Based Snack Food by
    Extrusion Cooking
  • Manufacture of corn puff snack
  • The production of Direct expanded products
  • Corn grit extruded products
  • Corn Products
  • Maize products

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