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  • Cotton bags of different specification are exported to various countries in large numbers.
  • Cotton bags produced from greige cloth have lower margin of profit, whereas, bags produced from dyed cloth have reasonable profitability.
  • The bags are made from all natural cotton, and are one hundred percent biodegradable. They are reusable and recyclable. These bags are an  excellent replacement for plastic bags, which are a big waste issue.
  • The production process involves cutting different sizes of cotton cloth pieces and then stretching them on a stretching machine. The stretched pieces
    are tailored into different sizes and designs using a sewing machine. Where it is necessary to include company labels and designs, they can be sewn
    or just printed to add value to the products.
  • Exports of woven cotton bags from Pakistan have increased during the last few years. The availability of raw material and cheap skilled manpower are favoring factors for the stitching projects.
  • These are used for marketing of flour, which are manufactured from inferior quality of cloth.
  • Germany and United Kingdom are second and third largest buying countries respectively.
Process and Projects
  • Environmentally Friendly Cotton Bags
  • How to Make Cotton Handbags
  • Quick Zip Makeup Bag
  • Production Process, Tools & Techniques
  • Instructions for Making a Small Bag
  • 2011 Specifications for Cotton Bale Packaging Materials
  • Making Designer Cotton Bags
  • Cotton Bags Manufacturing Unit

Machine and Machinery suppliers

  • Cotton bags making machines
  • Bag Sewing Machine
  • Technical Specification for Bag Making Machinery
  • Portable Bag closers
  • Bag Closing Machine
  • Bag Making Machine
  • Portable Bag closing Machine
  • Bag Sewing Machine with accessories
  • Jute, cotton bags are here as Shimla says goodbye to polythene bags today
  • Demand for cotton bags brings smiles to women
  • German Textile Machinery plays leading role in International Trade
  • Cotton Industry in America
Company Profiles
  • Company from Kolkata (India)
  • Company from  Durgapura (India)
  • Company from Calcutta (India)
  • Quality checking parameters
  • Innovator Manufacturer Consolidator
  • Company from Kolkata (India)
  • Company from West Bengal (India)
  • Company from USA
  • Company from Rajasthan (India)
  • Company from Huli Xiamen
  • Company from India


  • Organic cotton - Out of Africa
  • Carbon Footprint Assessment of Shopping Bags
  • Cotton bag is not necessarily the most climate-friendly shopping bag
  • The Difference Between Jute Bags and Cotton Bags
  • Plastic bags greener than cotton bags says
    “suppressed” Government report
  • Plastic fantastic! Carrier bags 'not eco-villains after all'
  • Recycled Cotton Bags
  • Twenty-Five Reasons to Go Reusable Cotton Bags
  • Cotton Bags That Are Worthy

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