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  • Cottonseed oil is a vegetable
    oil extracted from the seeds of
    the cotton plant after the cotton
    lint has been removed. It must
    be refined to remove gossypol,
    a naturally occurring toxin that
    protects the cotton plant from
    insect damage.
  • Unrefined cottonseed oil is
    therefore sometimes used as a
  • Cotton Seed Oil is one of the few oils which is in ‘Ok food’ list of American Heart Association (AHA)
  • In India about 68 lakh tones of cottonseeds are available as byproduct of cotton and utilized
    for extraction of oil.
  • Cottonseed which is presently available for oil extraction is
    about 10 million tones and it can produce about 0.15 million tones of oil. This will reduce
    the import of oil considerably.
  • The processing of cottonseed in a scientific manner results
    valuable products in generation like linter, hull, oil and cake which can be utilized for
    manufacture of industrially important products
  • Hull and cake can be used for cattle feed as well as for various other industrial purposes. Oil can be used for edible purpose, for
    production of vanaspati, salad oil, margarine and soaps . Linters for production of pulp and paper, microcrystalline cellulose
Background Information
  • Facts
  • Cotton Seed
  • Benefits of edible Cotton seed oil
  • Product brief
  • Cotton Seed & its products
  • Uses

Processing Reports

  • Process Chart
  • Process overview
  • Oil content
  • By products for processing 100 tons
  • Environmental Issues
  • Solvent Vapor
  • Oil seed processing plants - sealing
  • Company - India
  • Operating Parameters
  • Cotton seed oil refining - USA Patent
  • Company Profile

Project Information

  • Project Profile - 20 tpd
  • Feasibility of Cottonseed Oil as a Biodiesel Feedstock
  • Mini Oil Mill Project


  • Oil Expeller
  • Oil Expeller - Features
  • Seed Cleaner
  • Solvent Plant
  • Solvent extraction Plant supplier
  • Refinery Plant supplier
  • Refinery plant - china
  • Indian company - supplier of refinery
  • Pune company

India Issues & Markets

  • India Scenario
  • Company performance
  • Oil Cake
  • Edible Oil importers

World Trade Scenario

  • Cotton seed price trends
  • Supply - Demand
  • Trade Information
  • Cotton Board
  • Market Fundamentals
  • Organic Cotton Suppliers
  • Cotton Price Risk
  • Report for 2010
  • Engineered Cotton seed
  • Export Rules
  • Cotton Seed Chain - Brazil
  • Association Newsletter

Quality, Standards & Testing
  • Specifications
  • Feed Grade Cotton seed
  • Cooking oil
  • Indian Standard
  • Pakistan Standard
  • Cotton Meal - msds
  • Semi refined Oil
  • Meal & Hulls
  • Hulls - msds
  • Cotton seed oil for trans free options
  • Engine performance with Cotton seed oil as biodiesel

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