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  • Wood creosote, coal tar creosote, coal tar, and coal tar pitch differ from each other in composition
  • Chemical formula: Creosote is a highly complex mixture containing hundreds of individual compounds. Although the actual composition of creosote may vary somewhat due to differences in the source material, when used to preserve wood creosote may only be manufactured by the distillation of tar obtained from coal and must conform to standards
  • Coal tars are by-products of the carbonization of coal to produce coke and/or natural gas.
  • Coal tar creosotes are distillation products of coal tar
  • Unlike the coal tars and coal tar creosotes, coal tar pitch is a residue produced during the distillation of coal tar
  • Creosote production falls into two categories: distillate (100% creosote), and creosote in coal tar solution.
  • Coal tar creosote has been used as a wood preservative pesticide in the United States for over 100 years.
  • China alone has the capacity to distil 10MM metric tons of coal tar which results in 5MM metric tons of coal tar pitch and ~3.5MM metric tons of distillate that could potentially be blended into creosote.
  • EPA has designated coal tar creosote a restricted-use pesticide. This means it can only be sold by companies registered with the EPA and bought and only used by certified applicators for those uses covered by the applicator's certification.
  • Creosote has been continuously registered as a wood preservative by the EPA since 1948.
  • Coal tar creosote is a wood preservative and water-proofing agent for log homes, railroad ties, telephone poles, marine pilings, and fence posts.
  • Creosote remains the material of choice for preserving and protecting wooden railroad ties and continues to be an effective treatment for wooden utility poles and foundation and marine pilings.
  • The Railroad Tie Association, as well as Creosote Council III and other wood industry groups, are proactive in providing the resources and tools necessary to ensure treated wood ties will continue to serve the railroad industry for a very long time.
  • Creosote or creosote/borate dual treatments are used for approximately 98.5% of the treated wood tie market.
  • The raw tar as obtained from the coke ovens is processed or distilled to produce a variety of products. Usually the first step in processing coal tar is to subject it to a primary distillation to produce several fractions of cuts. In general, at least two cuts are made. These are often referred to as chemical oil and creosote oil. The material remaining after the removal of the oil distillates is either pitch or a refined coal tar base.
  • Indian plants have potential to produce approx 1.1 Mt of crude tar per year
  • Present status of coal chemicals recovery in India is far from satisfactory. These chemical plant (also know as By-Product Plant) conceived and installed along with coke oven batteries in the steel plants have become quite old and are beset with various problems associated with process, operation and maintenance resulting in low yield of chemicals, frequent breakdown, increased operating cost etc.


  • Chemistry of Creosote
  • Coal Tar Creosote
  • Technical terms relating to coal
    carbonization products


  • Preservative for protection of Timber
  • Case Study - wood treatment plant
  • Phenyl Preparation

Coal  Carbonization Technology

  • Coal Carbonization Chemicals
  • Coal Tar
  • Coal Tar Distillation
  • Coal Tar Creosote
  • Standard Test Method for Distillation of Creosote and Creosote-Coal Tar Solutions
  • Coal Tar - India
  • Coal Tar & Light oil composition

Environment & Production Technology 

  • Environmental Guidelines
  • Company Case Study
  • Coal Tar Pitch high temperature
  • Production of creosote oil by medium temperature carbonization

Project Information

  • Case Study Indian Company - project feasibility
  • Coal Tar distillation Plant
  • Project summary
  • Project Concept

Company Products

  • Company Profile
  • Company presentation
  • Company product - MSDS
  • Company Presentation on Creosote
  • Chinese Company
  • Chinese Company
  • Light Creosote Oil
  • Wood Preservative Oil


  • Process of production of Creosote from Hardwood-Tar Oils
  • Treatment of Tar

Market Scenario

  • Creosote Supply Chain - report - 2016
  • Major player in the world market
  • New Creosote wood preservative code
  • Consultant - Market reports

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