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  • A growth medium or culture medium is a substance in which microorganisms or cells can grow.There are different types of media for growing different types of cells.
  • Types of growth media are: Nutrient media , Minimal media , Selective media , Differential media .
  • There are two major types of growth media: those used for cell culture, which use specific cell types derived from plants or animals, and microbiological culture, which are used for growing microorganisms, such as bacteria or yeast. The most common growth media for microorganisms are nutrient broths and agar plates; specialized media are sometimes required for microorganism and cell culture growth.
  • Cell culture technology is rapidly evolving. At first these developments mainly occurred at a laboratory scale, since the culture media requirements for the propagation of animal cells are very complex and in fact are still largely unknown for many cell types.
  • Complex media are rich in nutrients, they contain water soluble extracts of plant or animal tissue (e.g., enzymatically digested animal proteins such as peptone and tryptone). Usually a sugar, often glucose is added to serve as the main carbon and energy source. The combination of extracts and sugar creates a medium which is rich in minerals and organic nutrients, but since the exact composition is unknown, the medium is called complex.
  • One of the most critical and important raw materials for biopharma is culture media and is directly proportionate to the growth of the industry. The culture media (for both microbial and cell culture) is growing at over 20 percent. The present decade has shown tremendous growth and investment in the pharmaceutical sector in India as well as globally. The growth potential observed pertains mainly to regulated markets.
  • The quality of the media depends directly upon the quality
    of the raw materials used for their preparation. Water is the
    most important raw material used for the preparation of
    culture media. The parameters to be checked are presence of
    copper ions, conductivity and pH. Ideally there should be no
    copper ions present in water because it is inhibitory for the
    growth of microorganisms.
  • Many processes have been developed using plant suspension cultures as a result of the ease in scale-up and application of traditional optimization strategies developed for microbialand mammalian cell systems. However, secondary metabolite production is often higher in differentiated tissues; thus hairy root cultures that have been transformed genetically with Agrobacterium spp. have also been widely used.
  • Globally there are a handful of companies that deal in culture media. In microbiological culture media, we have BD, Merck, Oxoid and bioMerieux while in cell culture media, the players include Invitrogen, Sigma and Cambrex.
  • Several Indian biopharma companies are at the sourcing end for these markets, and these are the ones that require quality assured, consistent and cost-effective raw material supplies with various quality systems and certification program.
  • The worldwide cell culture market is estimated at $1.02 billion in 2005 and is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 12.7 percent to cross $1.86 billion by 2010. With advances in product development, demand for specialty and custom serum-free media, particularly in biomanufacturing applications, will drive market growth.
  • In India, companies like Sigma Aldrich, Invitrogen, HyClone, Alfa Laval, HiMedia Labs, Cambrex, Corning Life Sciences are offering a range of products and services in cell culture space.
  • According to industry sources, it is difficult to estimate the size of the cell culture sector as companies offer different range of products and services like media, vessels, cell lines, reactors etc. The sector is expanding and will see a double-digit growth in the near future, with the entry of pharmaceutical companies into the biopharmaceuticals sector.
  • Culture media play a pivotal role in any microbiology
    laboratory. They are widely employed for isolation,
    identification and sensitivity testing of different pathogenic
  • pH in cell cultures
  • Culture Media Index
  • Functions of Serum in the Culture Medium
  • Growth medium
  • Plant tissue culture
  • Tissue Culture Media
  • Tissue culture

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Powdered Plant Tissue Culture Media
  • HyQ-CCM™ 1 Cell Culture Media
  • CCM5  Cell Culture Media
  • Liquid Cell Culture Media
  • Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) for Use in Murine Myeloid Long-Term Culture Medium
  • System Culture Media
  • Prepared Culture Media
  • Human & Animal Stem Cell Culture systems
  • Horse Serum for Use in Mouse Myeloid Long-Term Culture Medium


  • Culture Media For Molecular Biology
  • Culture Media, Salts and Vitamin Mixes
  • Irvine Scientific Culture Media
  • Bacterial Media and Cell Culture Related Products
  • Cell Culture Media
  • Tissue Culture Media, Reagents and Associated products
  • Culture Media
  • Chromogenic & Fluorogenic Culture Media


  • Cell culture solutions for biomanufacturing
  • Cell Culture Media
  • OptiCell Concept for Cell Culture Operations
  • Use of plant hydrolysates in animal cell culture media formulations
  • Simulation Technology Improves Clone Selection and Cell Culture Process Development
  • Improved culture media could advance stem cell research


  • Animal cell culture media comprising peptides derived from rice
  • Cell Culture Media Formulated in Unit Dose
  • Culture medium for the detection of E. coli and process for its use
  • Hematopoietic cell culture nutrient supplement
  • Process of microwave sterilization of culture media for selection of recombinant microorganisms
  • Process for Recovering Useful Substances from Culture Media
  • Ready made Sterilized Culture Media and Process of Preparation
  • Culture Media Device
  • Methods for Completing a Cell Culture Medium with a Lipophilic Substance
  • Solid culture medium for microorganisms, process for its preparation, and

Preparation Process

  • An Efficient Approach to Cell Culture Medium Optimization
  • DMEM Media Preparation
  • Preparation of Culture Media
  • Tissue Culture Methods
  • Building New Culture Media for Assisted Reproductive Technology
  • Genomic and Proteomic Tools for the Development of Cell Culture Media
  • Salt Free Culture Media
  • Sterile Filtration of Cell Culture Media
  • Preparation and Storage of Culture Media
  • Preparation of Tissue Culture Media
  • Waste Water Reduction from the Culture Medium Preparation Step of an Antibiotic Production


  • The BioProfi le FLEX analyzer
  • Autoclavable Fermentation Systems
  • Autoclave Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Ball Mill Manufacturers
  • Media and Cell Systems for Epithelial Tissue Culture
  • Sieves Suppleirs
  • Bioprocessing system
  • Cell Culture Media Prep System
  • Cell surface counter receptors are essential components of the unconventional export machinery of galectin-1
  • Market for culture media growing at over 20 percent
  • Cell Culture Media Firms Offer Contract Services
  • Current Trends and Innovations in Cell Culture
  • Novozymes applies recombinant technology to cell culture market
  • Biopharma industry boosting cell culture sector in India
  • Stem Cell Culture: Opportunities in an Emerging Market

Company Profile

  • Bio Tina GmbH Life Science
  • Biotecnica
  • Caisson Laboratories
  • HyClone
  • AES Chemunex
  • Blulux Laboraotires P Ltd
  • Expression Systems LLC
  • Miltenyi Biotec
  • Alpha Biosciences
  • Alpha Labchem

Plant Details

  • Low Cost Plant Tissue Culture
  • NNE cell culture plant
  • Phyton Biotech
  • Sheffield Pharma Ingredients
  • Titan


  • Biologics Process Development
  • Bionique Testing Laboratories, Inc.
  • Experts
  • Breeder Design Culture Media Consulting International
  • PendoTECH


  • Plant Cell Culture for Production of Paclitaxel and Other Taxanes
  • Production and engineering of terpenoids in plant cell culture
  • Influence of culture media and environmental factors on mycelial growth and pycnidial production of Sphaeropsis pyriputrescens
  • Application of Serum-Free Culture Medium for Preparation of A-NK Cells
  • CHO Host Cell Proteins from Culture Media
  • Culture Medium for the Production of Staphylococcal Enterotoxin A
  • Method for Evaluating Broth Culture Media: Application to Haemophilus

Guidelines and Certificates

  • Guidelines for Assuring Quality of Medical Microbiological Culture Media
  • Beef Extract Powder Certificate
  • Quality Control of Culture Media in a Microbiology Laboratory
  • Meat Peptones Certificate
  • Guidelines for Assuring Quality of Solid Media
  • Toxicology Test Guidelines


  • Tips and tricks on freezing cells
  • Biological Bulletin
  • A Study of the Shelf Life of Critical culture Media
  • High Zinc Concentrations in Culture Media Affect Copper Uptake and Transport in Differentiated Human Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells
  • CELLine Technical Report I
  • CELLine Technical Report V
  • CELLine Technical Report VI


  • Designing Culture Media for
    Recombinant Protein Production
  • Tissue Culture Laboratory
  • In vitro culture of Heterzostera tasmanica and Zostera muelleri
  • Design of Experiment (DOE) Approach in Cell Culture Medium Optimization
  • Neural stem Cell Culture Model

Suppliers and Buyers

  • Central Drug House (P) Ltd.,
  • Selling Leads
  • Cell Culture Media, Growth Factors Suppliers
  • Suppliers of tissue culture media
  • Dehydrated culture media  Suppliers
  • Buyers List

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