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  • India is the world's largest producer as well as importer of pulses, which are an important component of the Indian diet. Over the last 50 years pulses production has been stagnant which is leading to a decline in per capita consumption, continuous increase of imports.
  • According to Dubai's Global Pulse Confederation (www.pulses.org), an international confederation with more than 600 private-sector members, the pulse industry is worth more than $100 billion at the retail level and 60 million tons are in production and distribution in at least 55 countries.
  • Dal Analogue is a concept product which closely resembles the natural product in physical, nutritional, organoleptic and functional characteristics of Dal. The concept product is produced by extrusion technology and is based on a protein source and a cereal based carbohydrate source
  • Extrusion Cooking is the process by which moistened expansible, starchy and/or proteinaceous materials are plasticized in a tube by a combination of moisture, pressure, heat and mechanical shear.
  • Dal analogue is made from edible grade defatted soya flour, whole wheat flour and turmeric powder. As dal analogue is made from inexpensive raw materials, it is less than half the price of Tur dal to the consumers. Dal analogue has more than 30% protein which is more than 30% increase in protein content compared to some of the traditional dals
  • Domestic pulse prices have increased
    more than 150% in the last five years and this situation may continue further.
  • Hence there is need for a substitute for Pulses in India
  • About Dal Analogue & need for the Market in India
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