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Information Profile @ a glance
  • Dates are among the most valuable fruits and consumed in large quantity, all across the world.
  • Most of the dozen or more
    species of the genus Phoenix (family Palmae) are grown as ornamental palms indoors or out.Only the common date, P. dactylifera L., is cultivated for its fruit.
  • Dates processing includes fumigation, sorting washing, drying, grading and finally packaging
  • The Dates fruit, which is produced largely in the hot arid region of southern Asia and North Africa, is marketed all over the world as a high value confectionery or fruit, and remains an extremely important subsistence crop in most of the desert regions. Major producers of Date are Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Algeria, Sudan, Oman, Libya
  • Dry or soft Dates are used directly or with fillings of almonds, walnuts, candied orange and lemon peel. They are used in Arab breads, cakes and other dessert items. Recent innovations include chocolate-covered Dates and products like sparkling Dates juice, used in some Islamic countries, for special and religious occasions such as Ramadan
  • Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tunsia, UAE, Iraq, Algeria, Israel, France, Egypt are the top exporting countries of Dates; Iran produces about 900,000 metric tons of Dates, which accounts for around 14 percent of global output.
Date Palm & Cultivation
  • About Date Palm
  • Crop Profile
  • Cultivation profile
  • Dates
  • Crop Land
  • Date Palm Micro propagation
  • Planting Material Suppliers
  • Axillary shoot production in micro propagated date palm
  • Cultivars
  • Tissue culture
  • Harvesting & Post harvesting


  • Seeds & seed oil applications
  • Yogurt
  • Date Palm Residues
  • Palm Gur
  • Palm Saps
  • Syrup
  • Forages
  • Date Syrup


  • Processing Dates
  • The processing, marketing and pest control - Organic Date Palm
  • Preparation & Evaluation of Egyptian Date Syrup
  • Sesame paste & date syrup blend


  • Indian Company
  • Date Palm Tissue culture Laboratory
  • Tissue Culture technology offer
  • Nursery
  • Company & Newsletter

Project Information

  • Project Pre feasibility Report - sample - Dates processing
  • Project Information
  • Project Finance
  • Project - Case Study
  • Date Processing & Packing
  • Quality - Technical Notes


  • Date's Market
  • The marketing potential of date palm fruits in the European market
  • Production system in Arabian Peninsula
  • Network for Date-Palm Industry
  • Australian Industry
  • The date palm sector in Egypt
  • Industry in Iran
  • News from Emirates
  • Date palm in the Sultanate of Oman
  • Spanish Products
  • Date production - Namibia
  • Marketing and Post-harvest Issues - Iraq
  • Date Palm sector - Iraq
  • Date Palm - support system
  • Exporter - Iran
  • Trader - India
  • Suppliers - dates

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