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Project at a Glance Contents on the CD ROM
  • Day Care Center is the place where learning and fun become one and the primary place where young children learn social and pre-academic skills necessary for success in school.
  • Child care centres provide regular full-time or part-time child care in places specially built or adapted for child care.
  • Child care centres are regulated by specific state and territory government legislation. Licenses to operate child care centres are issued only if the centre meets these regulations.
  • Daycare is best when teacher-to-child ratios are low and groups aren't too large. When looking for a place for your child, don't be seduced by new facilities that feature the latest toys.
  • The business of running preschools has tremendous potential in India as it is still highly unorganized and often lacks a standardized curriculum, infrastructure and quality.
  • It will provide infants with lots of attention, a variety of appropriate activities, abundant conversation and nurturing to make the world for a baby fun, interesting, safe and loving.
  • The basic requirements for a daycare center includes Staff, Educational Tools for children, Class Rooms, Teachers’ Room, Library/Entertainment Room, Principal & Administration Room,
    Washrooms & Kitchen, Grounds, Furniture, seesaw and other such items for physical activities, soft board and white boards etc.
  • The childcare programs and pre-school curriculums integrate a wealth of intriguing and engaging learning activities that stimulate brain development in children at pre-school stages.
  • Managing a child care center requires substantial business skills, as well as knowledge of early childhood development.
  • The demand for preschool childcare has reached a high level and continues to rise as we enter the 21 st century. Over the past several decades, women have entered the workforce in record number.
  • An overview of child care centres and long day care
  • Interviewing Child Care Providers
  • Day care centers : Overview
  • Preschool and Nursery Business
  • Starting a Child Care Center
  • The Pros & Cons of In-Home Versus Center
  • Day care

Guides and Manuals

  • Child Day Care Services
  • Guide to Setting Up A Child Care Centre
  • Child Care Center Design Guide
  • Child Care Facilities Guide
  • Manual for Day Care Centers
  • How To Start Your Own Day Care Center
  • Manual of Requirements for Child care centers

Feasibility Study - samples

  • Day Care Center
  • Developing a Child Care Center
  • Child Day-Care Services
  • Day Care Marketing Plan


  • Evidence on the child care market
  • Day care centres come under the scanner
  • Child Day Care industry
  • The Growing Need for Childcare


  • Consultant from Texas
  • Consultant from Virginia
  • Consultant from Georgia
  • Consultant from Queensland
  • Consultant from Kenya
  • Consultant from North Carolina
  • Consultant from New South Wales
  • Consultant from US
  • The 5 easy ways to market your Day care Center
  • License Application and Instructions for Family child care Homes
  • Building Code Requirements
  • Day Care Center Square Foot Cost Estimates
  • Creche Scheme
  • Food Safety in Child Care Centers and Family Day Care Homes
  • How to Market Your Family Daycare
  • Floor Plan for Day Care Center Project
  • Child Care Licensing and Regulation
  • Licensing Requirements for child day care centers
  • How to Market a Daycare Center
  • Noise reduction in day-care centres
    by reducing reverberation time
  • Opportunity
  • Child care centre physical environments
  • Child Care Regulation
  • Safer Pest Control
  • Summary of Licensing standards for day care center
  • Training for child care workers in India

Business Plan - model

  • Child Day Care Services Business Plan
  • Child Care Business Start Up Profile
  • Child Day care Services
  • Child Care Center - Planning Guide
  • How to start a Quality child care business


  • Daycare with a Difference
  • Dow Corning Opens Solar-Powered Day Care Center in Karde Village
  • IBM launches Childcare Centre in Bangalore
  • Child care in India
  • Child Care Options for Working Mothers in Developing Countries
  • A Review of The Day Care Centre Programme

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