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  • A depilatory is a cosmetic used for the temporary removal of unwanted hair.
  • Depilatory agents can be creams, lotions, or sprays. Lotions are better used for larger areas of the body such as the legs, underarms, or bikini area. Creams can be applied to specific areas better because they are thicker; this is why cream depilatories are generally considered to be ideal for removing unwanted hair on the face. Sprays are the newest type of depilatory and are often thought to be easier for novices to apply.
  • A depilatory is generally applied and left on for between five and 15 minutes.
  • The hair removal process used by this type of product acts as a type of exfoliant, removing the dead skin cells that build up every day and make your skin feel rough.
  • Removing hair from the operative site is a time-honoured preoperative exercise.
  • Thioglycolic acid, sodium thioglycolate, and calcium thioglycolate are reportedly used as depilatories in addition to use in hair-waving
  • Thioglycolic acid functions as an antioxidant, depilating agent, hair waving /straightening agent, and reducing agent.
  • Introduction of a pre-treatment barrier prior to use of a chemical depilatory for female hair removal may provide the benefits of improved skin compatibility with reduction of visible signs of redness.
  • Depilatory services can be better described in Brazil as a ritual rather than a cosmetic treatment. The importance of depilatory services in Brazil is in a certain way responsible for mastering in techniques, such as the Brazilian Wax, known worldwide.
  • Depilatory creams may cause skin reactions in some individuals, which could result in cancellation of surgery. Alternatives to hair removal for head and neck surgery are braiding the hair or using a nonflammable gel to keep the hair away from the incision.
  • Depilatories may be used for hair removal if skin testing has been performed without tissue irritation.
  • The use of depilatories does increase the risk of hypersensitivity reactions.
General Information
  • Chemical Depilatory
  • Hair Removal Products
  • What Is a Depilatory?
  • Depilatories


  • Methods of Removing Unwanted Hair
  • Do Depilatories For Men Work?
  • Preoperative skin preparation: clinical evaluation of
    depilatory cream
  • Thioglycolic acid, salts and esters
  • Use of a two step depilatory treatment process to enable skin benefits during chemical hair removal


  • Depilatory effects of certain chemicals during the first hair
    growth cycle in sucking mice
  • Microbial and Other Enzymes as Depilatory Agents'
  • DepilatoryWax Burns: Experience and Investigation
  • The Effects of Depilatory Agents as Penetration Enhancers on Human Stratum Corneum Structures


  • Bikini Bare Depilatory Cream
  • Cosmetic Hair Remover Depilatory
  • Gigi Depilatory Cream for Bikini and Legs
  • Pilca Body Cream
  • Calcium Hydroxide/ Barium Sulfide-based powder facial depilatories
  • Surgi-prep depilatory cream
  • Veet Depilatory Lotion
  • Depilatory Honey Wax


  • Efficacy and safety of three electrical depilatory methods
  • Passive and Iontophoretic Transport Enhancement of Insulin Through Porcine Epidermis by Depilatories: Permeability and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Studies
  • A Quantitative Study of the Effect of Depilatory Solutions Upon Hair
  • Randomized study of tolerance and efficacy of a home-use intense pulsed light (IPL) source compared to the hot-wax method
  • Scalp hair: a model for the evaluation of cosmetic formulations intended for depilation
  • Depiflax 100
  • Nad's Hair Removal
  • Olay Hair Removal
  • NairŪ
  • Revitol Hair Removal Cream
  • Sukar
  • Surgi Cream Hair Remover
  • Ultra Hair Away
  • Veet
  • Viokox
  • Va j-j Visor


  • Depilatory Wax
  • FancorŪ Uni-embase
  • Novetherm
  • Soft paraffin waxes
  • Pexalin 9085
  • Depilatory waxes & beauty care


  • Consultant from America
  • Consultant from California
  • Consultant from New York
  • Consultant from UK
  • Consultant from North Carolina

Market & Report

  • Analysis of the Brazilian body care market
  • Preoperative Hair Removal: Impact On Surgical Site Infections
  • Removing Hair Safely
  • The 2009 Gallup Study of Depilatory Creams and Lotions


  • Depilatory dispenser
  • Depilatory compositions
  • Depilatory device
  • Depilatory applicating razor
  • Depilatory compositions with thixotropic agents
  • Depilatory paint thickener comprising an anylopectin starch
  • Depilatory wax applicator head


  • Depilatory Suppliers
  • Depilatory Wax Suppliers
  • Depilatory Selling leads
  • Depilatory Manufacturer & Suppliers
  • Depilatory Exporters


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