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  • A desalination plant essentially separates saline water into two streams: one with a low concentration of dissolved salts (the fresh water stream) and the other containing the remaining dissolved salts (the concentrate or brine stream).
  • Desalination is often viewed as a solution to many water supply problems and is often hailed as a ‘drought resistant’ supply.
  • Distillation is the oldest and most commonly used method of desalination. It is the major source of fresh water for the Middle East.
  • A desalination plant can be located on the coast or inland, depending on the water source.
  • A distinct advantage of desalination of seawater is that it is climate proof and can continue to produce at full capacity even if declining rainfall means dam storages and rivers are dwindling and groundwater aquifers shrinking.
  • Desalination is used to produce potable water from water sources containing dissolved chemicals, and is most often used when water sources are salty; producing fresh water from sea water or brackish water.
  • Technologies developed for desalination applications include distillation, reverse osmosis, electro-dialysis, and vacuum freezing. Distillation
    technologies include Multiple Effect Distillation (MED) and Multi-Stage Flashing (MSF).
  • Reverse Osmosis is a process of desalination in which seawater diffuses through a
    membrane under high pressure, removing salts and impurities to ensure the water is suitable for drinking.
  • A solar desalination process has been introduced using
    air humidification and dehumidification. In order to increase the output of freshwater, multi-technologies are adopted, the double-pass solar air heater and tubular solar collector are used to heat the air and seawater respectively.
  • Solar Desalination is applicable in all areas with ‘sunlight” and facing water contaminations from sea water, excess of iron, fluoride, nitrates, arsenic, calcium hardness etc.
  • The multi effect distillation (MED) process has been used for industrial distillation for a long time.
  • The process which accounts for the most desalting capacity is multi-stage flash distillation, commonly referred to as the MSF process.
  • The vapour compression (VC) distillation process is generally used for small and medium scale sea water desalting units.
  • RO is a membrane separation process in which the water from a pressurised saline solution is separated from the solutes (the dissolved material) by flowing through a membrane. No heating or phase change is necessary for this separation. The major energy required for desalting is for pressurising the feed water.
  • Electrodialysis and reverse osmosis systems will not yield suitable water for agriculture but are more flexible in location and can efficiently treat reservoirs of brackish water (BW).
  • The major Desalination plant suppliers have been from Europe (35%), Japan/Korea (28%) and the USA (27%). Most MSF plants have been supplied by European or Japanese/Korean companies, whereas the USA and Europe are the most important sources for RO plants.
  • Worldwide membrane and thermal desalination capacity is over 11 billion gallons per
    day from over 12 thousand plants, worth $9.2 billion per year, growing at rate of 12% per year.
  • Market share of desalination in the overall water market, estimated at US$ 400 billion, is a miniscule 0.1 percent. According to the International Desalination Association (IDA), the global desalination market is expected to grow to US$ 95 billion through 2005 to 2015.
  • A major restricting factor on the widespread use of desalination (market penetration to a level where it is in common use) is the lack of funding (availability of investment capital or research funds) and its economic viability.
  • China and India are also set to enter the large-scale seawater desalination market.
General Information
  • Desalination
  • About Desalination
  • Desalination description
  • Desalination Fact Sheet
  • What is Desalination?
  • Sea water Desalination: Importance, need, methods and historical developments.
  • Understanding the desalination process
  • Consultant from New York
  • Consultant from Australia
  • Consultant from USA
  • Consultant from Kolkata
  • Consultant from Switzerland
  • Consultant from Perth
  • Global Consultant
  • Consultant from Massachusetts
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  • Desalination of water
  • A New Process of Solar Desalination Based on
    Humidification-Dehumidification Cycle
  • Analysis of Desalination of water by reverse osmosis
  • LT-MED Desalination plant utilization low pressure steam available from the LP turbine of AHWR
  • The Solar Evaporation Array (SEA) is one of six types of desalination and demineralization technologies.
  • Seawater Desalination – The Long Beach Method
  • Introduction Process to Desalination
  • Solar Desalination Process
  • Low Temperature Thermal Desalination
  • Water Desalination Processes
  • Desalination Processes
  • Desalination by reverse osmosis
  • Economics of desalination concentrate disposal methods in inland regions: deep-well
    injection, evaporation ponds, and salinity gradient solar ponds
  • Salt water Desalination
  • Desalination Processes and performance.
  • A New Method for Water
    Desalination Using Microbial
    Desalination Cells
  • Water Desalination - Technical Manual
  • Innovative Diffusion Driven Desalination Process

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  • Desalination Equipment Manufacturer & Suppliers


  • Advances in desalination technology
  • Evolutionary developments of thermal Desalination plants in the Arab Gulf Region
  • Integrated Membrane Desalination Systems Potential
    Benefits of Combined Technology
  • Present Status of Thermal Seawater Desalination Techniques
  • Production of Desalinated water and electricity in a dual-purpose plant operating in a dispatch able electricity system - techno-economical analysis.
  • The Desalination Technology Race
  • Membrane-Based Desalination: An Integrated Approach
  • Reuse and Desalination Technologies to Improve the Sustainability of
    Drinking Water Supplies
  • European Desalination Society
  • Worlds first full-scale large-diameter SWRO desalination plant.
  • Desalination Technologies


  • Membrane Desalination Costs
  • Forecast Trends in Desalination:
    A River Flowing Backwards from the Sea.
  • Desalination market
  • FRP Membrane Vessel Fabrication and Safety in a Growing Market
  • Desalination the sustainable solution and hope for the future generation
  • Global Desalination Situation
  • Seawater Desalination Markets in MENA
  • Desalination Market news
  • Desalination: Debatable, Yet Full of Opportunities
  • Renewable Desalination
    Market Analysis:
  • Water industry segment report Desalination
  • Solar Powered desalination Plants, Costs and Opportunities in India
  • Desalination Research priorities: A European Survey
  • Water Desalination Market Acceleration
Turnkey Plants
  • Plants from Andra Predesh
  • Plants from Arizone
  • Plants from Chennai
  • Plants from Dubai
  • Plants from Fukuoka
  • Plants from India
  • Plants from Israel
  • Plants from Japan
  • Japan Plants
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  • Plants from Korea
  • Plants from Netherlands
  • Plants from Saudhi Arabia
  • Plants from Singapore
  • Plants from Tamilnadu
  • Plants from Turkey
  • Plants from USA
  • Plants World Wide


  • Status of design concepts of
    nuclear desalination plants
  • A Schema for large scale Desalination of sea water by solar energy
  • Stainless steels for Desalination plants
  • Introducing and Implementing Desalination process in Alexandria city.
  • Investment and production costs of desalination plants by semi-empirical method
  • New Desalination Method Reduces Energy Costs
  • Potential for nuclear desalination as a source of low cost potable water in North Africa
  • Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization of
    Large-Scale Commercial Desalination Plants
  • Developing a Design and Simulation Tool for Coupling Thermal Desalination Plants with Nuclear Reactors by using APROS Simulator
  • Design of a solar powered Desalination system for use in south africa


  • Mobile desalination plants and systems, and methods for producing desalinated water.
  • Desalination method and desalination apparatus
  • Desalinating process
  • Wave-powered desalination of water
  • Continuous closed-circuit desalination apparatus without containers.
  • Pesticide comprising soil desalinating agents.
  • Desalination system having rechargeable syphon conduit.
  • Submersible reverse osmosis desalination apparatus and method


  • Algeria--Skikda Desalination Plant
  • Bay Area Regional Desalination Project - Pilot Project
  • Combined solar power and desalination plants: Techno-economic potential in Mediterranean Partner Countries
  • Camp Pendleton
    Seawater Desalination Project
    Feasibility Study
  • Optimizing Seawater Reverse Osmosis for Affordable Desalination
  • Rapid Marine EIA for CWDL desalination plant at Minjur
  • Desalination using Carbon Nanotube Membranes
  • Seawater desalination by innovative solar-powered
    membrane distillation.
  • Water Desalination Project.
  • Wind Desalination and Hydrogen Power for Cape Verde


  • Desalination Systems
    Powered by Renewable Energy
  • The near-field characteristics of the Perth Seawater Desalination Plant discharge
  • India develops first floating desalination plant
  • Introduction to Desalination technologies in Australia - Summary Report
  • Desalination: A National Perspective
  • Desalination News release
  • India: Tamil Nadu Gets
    Nuclear Desalination - Executive Intelligence Review
  • Singspring Desalination Plant
  • Use of Nuclear Energy for Desalination
  • Desalination thrust


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