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  • Diphenyl carbonate is an organic chemical compound. It is both as a monomer in combination with bisphenol A in the production of polycarbonate polymers and a product of the decomposition of polycarbonates.
  • DPC is produced in two steps: phenol and DMC react to form phenylmethyl carbonate (PMC), followed by PMC disproportionation to DPC.
  • The diphenyl carbonate is prepared by reacting dimethyl carbonate with phenol, so no phosgene is used as in the earlier process.
  • Early commercial production of polycarbonate employed reacting phosgene with phenol to produce diphenyl carbonate, a high boiling liquid that was then reacted with bisphenol A to produce the polymer and liberate phenol for reuse.
  • The transesterification process using diphenols and diphenyl carbonate (DPC) has been given more recognition instead of the interfacial polycondensation of diphenols with phosgene, because of advantages like no toxic phosgene, no solvent, and no salt formation.
  • Diphenyl carbonate (DPC) is a key rawmaterial for producing aromatic polycarbonates. It is still mainly synthesized by using severely toxic phosgene as a raw material.
  • Diphenyl Carbonate is a precursor in the production of Polycarbonate (PC). Polycarbonate is widely employed as an engineering plastic important to the modern lifestyle; used in, for example, the manufacture of electronic appliances, office equipment and automobiles.
  • Polycarbonate (PC) is widely employed as an engineering plastic important to the modern lifestyle and used in, for example, the manufacture of electronic appliances, office equipment and automobiles.
  • Production is expected to increase by around 6% per year at least until 2010 with the fastest regional growth expected in East Asia, averaging 8.7% per year through 2009.
  • There is increasing demand for a safer and environmentally favorable process for DPC production. In recent years, some porous carriers, such as active carbon, molecular sieve, porous alumina and the like, have been used in the synthesis of DPC, however, the yield of DPC is less than 6.2%.


  • Diphenyl-carbonate
  • Polycarbonates


  • Method for producing diphenylcarbonate having catalyst comprising ionic fluids
  • Antibacterial unsymmetrical diphenyl carbonates
  • Industrial process for production of high-purity diphenyl carbonate
  • Process for the purification of diphenyl carbonate
  • Changing the regiopurity of mixtures containing 4,4'-disubstituted diphenyl carbonates
  • Process for producing high-purity diphenyl carbonate on industrial scale
  • Polycarbonate containing diphenyl carbonate and sheets made therefrom


  • Supercritical carbon dioxide assisted extraction for chemical recycling of polycarbonate
  • Structure and dynamics of liquid diphenyl carbonate investigated by molecular dynamics simulations
  • Kinetic modeling of melt transesterification of diphenyl carbonate and bisphenol
  • Melt Polymerization of Bisphenol-A and Diphenyl Carbonate in a Semibatch Reactor
  • The mechanic study of the Pd-catalyzed synthesis of
    diphenylcarbonate with heteropolyacid as a cocatalyst


  • PERP program
  • Opportunities for pollution prevention and energy efficiency enabled by the carbon dioxide technology platform
  • Mitsubishi chemical holdings group investors meeting
  • Diphenyl carbonate
  • New process technology offers more sustainable route to polycarbonates production
  • Diphenyl carbonate - Assessment report
  • Winner of Saudi Kayan Polycarbonate Project
  • Shell on the verge of commercialising a technology for the production of diphenyl carbonate
  • Shell invests in diphenyl carbonate demonstration unit for polycarbonate industry


MSDS & Product

  • Diphenyl carbonate
  • Diphenyl carbonate 99%
  • Diphenyl Carbonate, 99% MSDS
  • Diphenyl Carbonate datasheet
  • MSDS - Diphenyl Carbonate
  • Datasheet - Diphenyl Carbonate
  • Product information


  • Transesterification of diethyl oxalate with phenol using MoO3/SiO2 catalyst
  • Solvent-Free Organic Synthesis
  • Applications of diphenyl carbonates
  • Diphenyl carbonate applications

Company & Consultancy

  • Company1 from China
  • Company2 from China
  • Company3 from China
  • Company profile
  • Company from U.S.A
  • Company from Greece
  • Consultancy from Colorado
  • Consultancy from Texas


  • The process of dimethyl carbonate to Diphenyl carbonate
  • Synthesis of diphenyl carbonate from phenol and carbon dioxide in carbon tetrachloride with zinc halides as catalyst
  • Westhollow Technology Day
    Diphenyl Carbonate
  • Oxidative carbonylation of phenol to diphenyl carbonate catalyzed by Pd complex with 2,20-bipyridyl ligands
  • Organic carbonates
  • A new efficient Pd-catalyzed synthesis of diphenyl carbonate with heteropolyacid as a cocatalyst
  • Process flow diagram
  • Preparation and characterization of CuO-CoO-MnO/SiO2 nanocomposite aerogels as catalyst carriers

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