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  • A “driving school” is a business which, for compensation, conducts or offers to conduct instruction in the operation of motor vehicles.
  • A driving school owner which is any person licensed by the department to engage in the business of giving instruction for compensation in the driving of motor vehicles or in the preparation of an applicant for examination for a driver’s license issued by the department.
  • An independent driving instructor is licensed to teach driving instruction in a city with a population of less than 50,000, which does not have within it an established licensed driving school.
  • The city must be located in a county with a population of less than 400,000; and the instructor must be employed as an accredited teacher of automobile driver education or automobile driver training under the provisions of the Education Code.
  • “School for training drivers” means a business conducted by a natural person, association, partnership, corporation or other business entity, for the education of students, in a classroom or motor vehicle, or both, in preparation for the examination for a driver’s license or learner’s permit required by the department to operate a motor vehicle.
  • Driving instructors are one of the largest investments for any driver’s education program, and the goal of the presentation was to offer the new ideas and lesson.
  • The greatest risk faced by young, novice drivers is in the period immediately following licensing for solo driving. A total of 27 measures from 16 European countries were submitted for consideration as potential best practice measures. 2 measures relating to post-licence eco-driving training (Germany) fell outside the scope of the included measures, leaving 25 ‘included measures’.
  • Commercial drivers license (CDL) for Commercial drivers are further denied the opportunity to clear violations from their record by attending driving school, and are prohibited from obtaining provisional licenses.
  • Driving school program handbook
  • Frequently asked questions
  • What to expect during your driving lessons
  • Application for a commercial learner’s permit


  • ELITE Car driving school Investment Details
  • Driving School Business-Getting Started
  • How to Start & Own a Truck Driving Training School Business
  • How to Start a Driving School in Baltimore Maryland
  • Starting your own driving school
  • Marketing Driving Schools


  • German Driving Tests & Licenses
  • Drive school licensing requirements
  • Procedures to apply for driving school license
  • Possibility of Licensing Driving Schools
  • Issue of driving licenses
  • Procedure for the conversion of foreign driving license to malaysian driving license


  • Mercedes-Benz To Launch Driving School in LA
  • Consumer report
  • Porsche driving school report
  • Driving Test Report Form
  • Thematic report: Driver education, training & licensing
  • Service Delivery Manager for SWERVE Driving School Delivers Presentation at State Capital
  • Understanding young adults’ Driving behaviour
  • Defensive driving school
  • Application for Driving school license
  • Distracted drivers in school zones

Non-Indian Driving Schools

  • Driving School from Albama
  • Driving School from Australia
  • Driving School from California
  • Driving School from U.S.A
  • Driving School from U.K

Indian Driving Schools

  • Driving School from Bangalore
  • Driving School from Coimbatore
  • Driving School from Delhi
  • Driving School from Delhi
  • Driving School from Goa
  • Driving School from India
  • Driving School from Kakkanad
  • Driving School from Tripura
  • List of Driving Schools in India
  • Driving School list

Online Driving Schools

  • Driving School from America
  • Driving School from Arizona
  • Driving School from California
  • Driving School from Florida
  • Driving School from India
  • Driving School from Texas
  • Driving School from U.S.A


  • Consultancy from Hawaii
  • Consultancy from Georgia
  • Consultancy from South Africa
  • Consultancy from U.K
  • Another Consultancy from U.K


  • Ensuring fairness in commercial drivers license standards
  • Driving License Rules
  • Regulation of commercial driving schools and instructors
  • Licensed driver training school policies and procedures
  • Regulations on Driving Schools as per Motor Vehicles Act

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