Double Walled Corrugated Plastic Pipes
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  • Double Wall Corrugated
    ( DWC ) HDPE pipes are similar to normal HDPE pipes except that they have different external & internal surfaces which gives them additional strength and stiffness. These are made
    with High Density Polyethylene which has very high life expectancy
  • The production line consists of an extruder, dies, corrugators, cutting saw, and stacker. A comprehensive array of product sizes is possible through the simple replacement of molds and dies.
  • Corrugated pipes represent the ideal solution for the abduction of any kind of water, chemicals, affluent and sewers, because they combine the advantage of
    corrosion resistance
  • Corrugated HDPE is an excellent choice for gravity flow or low-head pipeline situations.
  • Corrugated Plastic Pipes have many advantages for Sewerage and Drainage Applications
  • About Double Wall Corrugated ( DWC ) HDPE pipes

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  • Product Profile
  • Triple Walled Pipes

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  • Corrugated plastic pipe manufacturing Project equipment provider
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  • Environment & Engineering Assessment of Pipe Lines
  • Municipal Water and Sewer Systems

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  • Pipe systems for plant engineering
  • Dual Containment Piping
  • Specifications
  • Wall piping system for non pressure underground drainage and sewerage - India

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  • Uses of Corrugated HDPE Pipes
  • Double-containment Piping Systems for the Wastewater System
  • Market leader in Europe
  • Sample - Bulk Order
  • Suppliers in India

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