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  • Edible vaccines are composed of antigenic proteins and do not contain pathogenic genes (because obviously they use attenuated strains).
  • Development of edible vaccines is a possible high-volume, low-cost delivery system for third-world countries to fight against fatal maladies like AIDS, hepatitis and diarrhea.
  • Edible vaccines hold great promise as a cost-effective, easy-to-administer, easy-to-store, fail-safe and socioculturally readily acceptable vaccine delivery system, especially for the poor developing countries.
  • Edible vaccines are sub-unit vaccines that introduce selected genes into the plants and facilitate the production of the encoded protein.Edible
    vaccines are mucosal-targeted vaccines that stimulate both the systematic and mucosal immune network takes place.
  • Edible plants, rather than tobacco, are now in the focus of research targeted at HBV vaccine production in plants.
  • Exploiting plants as biological bioreactors for production and delivery of edible oral subunit vaccines is a promising application of biotechnology.
  • Edible plants producing immunogens are likely to become the delivery vehicles of choice for future vaccines.
  • Edible vaccine fight against bovine pneumonic pasteurellosis, or shipping fever. It is estimated that shipping fever causes an annual loss of over $1
    billion in North America as a result of treatment costs, labour, reduced weight gain, poor feed conversion, poor carcass quality and animal deaths.
  • Edible vaccines are prepared by molecular farming using the science of genetic engineering.
  • An effective oral immunisation protocol applicable for edible vaccines for which the frequency of feeding is limited by the maximal possible oral
  • Genetically modified tomatoes containing edible vaccine coule be used against two of the world's most lethal viruses - HIV and hepatitis B. They would help create cheap vaccines which could be grown and processed in poorer countries that need them most but cannot afford to make existing vaccines.
  • Human Papillomaviruses (HPV) are the causative agents for cervical cancer, being also involved in skin, head and neck tumors.
General Information
  • Perspective: edible vaccines
    a concept coming of age
  • Edible Vaccine Clinical information
  • Edible vaccines: Current status and future
  • About Edible vaccines
  • Edible vaccines Student research information
  • Edible Vaccines and Flying Syringes
  • Edible Vaccines


  • Production of biopharmaceuticals, antibodies and edible vaccines in transgenic plants
  • Edible Vaccine - A great boon in medicinal science
  • Targeting and expression of antigenic proteins in transgenic plants for production of edible oral vaccines
  • Transgenic plants for the production of edible vaccines and antibodies for immunotherapy


  • Edible Vaccine process
  • Edible vaccine development: stability of Mannheimia haemolytica A1 leukotoxin 50 during post-harvest processing and storage of field-grown transgenic white clover
  • How to make an Edible vaccine
  • Edible Vaccine
  • A Multiple Dose Immunisation Protocol Suitable For Edible Vaccines
  • Edible Vaccines: A new approach to oral immunization


  • Edible Vaccine: A better way for immunization
  • An Edible Vaccine for Cattle
  • Appetising solutions: an edible vaccine for measles
  • Edible Vaccine to revolutionize medicine
  • Promotion of global health through oral immunotherapy using edible vaccines
  • Protective lactogenic immunity conferred by an edible peptide vaccine to bovine rotavirus produced in transgenic plants


  • Advances in human papilloma
    virus vaccines: a patent review
  • Edible Vaccines and Antibody Producing Plants
  • Plants for delivery of edible vaccines
  • Towards Development of an Edible Vaccine against Bovine
    Pneumonic Pasteurellosis Using Transgenic White Clover
    Expressing a Mannheimia haemolytica A1 Leukotoxin 50 Fusion Protein
  • Transgenic plants as Edible Vaccines
Company, Consultant & Suppliers
  • Company from Australia
  • Consultant from Arizona
  • Global Consultant
  • Edible Vaccines Selling leads
  • Development of rice seed-based edible vaccine against IGE  medicated type I allergy
  • Immunogenicity in humans of an edible vaccine for hepatitis B
  • An Oral Vaccine Based on U-Omp19 Induces Protection against B. abortus Mucosal Challenge by Inducing an Adaptive IL-17 Immune Response in Mice
  • A rice-based edible vaccine expressing multiple T cell
    epitopes induces oral tolerance for inhibition
    of Th2-mediated IgE responses
  • Biopharmaceuticals derived from genetically modified plants

Report & Market

  • Developments in Plant-Based Vaccines Against Diseases of Concern in
    Developing Countries
  • Sabin Vaccine report
  • Fruit Derived Edible Vaccines: Natural Way
    For The Vaccination
  • Analyzing Edible Vaccines - new market research report
  • GM plants for edible vaccine
  • Coming soon: a needle-free edible vaccine!
  • Edible Vaccine closer to market


  • Edible vaccines expressed in soybeans
  • Edible vaccine
  • Vaccines produced and administered through edible plants
  • Immunization through oral administration of a vaccine with an edible product
  • Vaccines expressed in plants

Vaccine types

  • Green revolution vaccines, edible vaccines
  • The Hib Vaccine Edible Vaccine
  • HPV Vaccines:
    Promise and Challenges
  • A human papillomavirus type 16 vaccine by oral delivery of L1 protein

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