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  • Eggs are composed of three main parts: eggshell, including the shell membranes between the albumen and the inner shell surface, egg white and yolk
  • Egg Albumen Powder is one of the popular food additives and ingredients in most countries
  • Egg yolk can be pasteurised and frozen for edible usage
  • Egg Albumin flakes is a product made by drying the egg white
  • The main machineries are walk in coolers, fermentation tanks, tray or tunnel drier, pasteurizer, plate freezer, packing line.
  • Drying of eggs is an economical method of preservation. The dried
    egg powder can be stored and transported without refrigeration at room temperature. The product is
    stable and has a long shelf life.
  • The Egg Product Inspection Act requires that all egg products distributed into commerce be pasteurized. Pasteurization involves rapidly heating the product and holding the product at a minimum required temperature for a specific time. The reason for pasteurization is to destroy Salmonella without affecting the characteristics of the final egg product
  • The major constituents of albumen are water (92%) and protein (~10%), followed by carbohydrates (0.40.9%) that exist in free form, usually as glucose, or forming complexes with proteins such as glycoproteins that contain mannose and galactose units
  • Egg albumen flakes of two different grades can be manufactured. Technical grade has industrial applications in leather tanning, offset printing and as adhesive in crown cork cap manufacture. The food grade flakes are mainly used in bakery products and confectionery
    manufacturing. Pasturised egg yolk is used for edible purpose as well as in the manufacture of cosmetics.
  • Egg powder has an excellent export potential in countries like Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and Republic of Korea.
  • India exported egg albumin during the past year worth USD 865,276 with total quantity of 82,830. Malaysia is the largest buyer of egg albumin accounting for exports worth USD 855,928 followed by Senegal and Kenya which imported egg albumin worth USD 3,430 and USD 1,406 respectively.
  • Changing food habits have increased egg and egg products consumption in India, leading to an increase in the domestic market for both. This will be further increased in coming period as egg is the cheapest source of protein for the masses and its consumption has become common.
  • Increasing number of nuclear families in India, particularly in urban and semi urban areas, and increasing number of working women in the country has increased demand of Egg powder.
  • Eggs and Egg Products Processing

Product Information

  • Egg Albumen powder is specially developed
  •  Egg White Protein Isolate

Process ,Technology  & Equipments

  • Egg products processing
  • Glucose removal from egg white
  • Commercial whole egg powder making machine / egg yolk powder and
    egg white powder making machine - China
  • Machinery - Egg handling & processing
  • Technology source
  • Egg albumen gelling properties
  • Egg albumen & sensitivity to heat
  • Fermenting Egg White
  • Egg White Lysozyme Extraction

Project Information

  • Sample project brief -Egg Albumin Flakes - 15 tons per year
  • Project Details
  • EGG Powder - 1250 tons per year


  • Process to dry egg albumen
  • Method of treating egg whites


  • Protein Bars
  • Egg Albumin as a Nanoreactor
  • The foam characteristics of Beers
  • Unmarketable Egg powder

Company Products - msds

  • Manufacturer
  • Albumin, egg flakes (Egg albumin, flakes)
  • Albumin, egg (powder)
  • Egg albumin, flakes (Albumin egg, flakes)
  • Company - China

Food Safety

  • Egg Products Plant Operations
  • Health Standards
  • Cholesterol reduced egg yolk powder

Market  Scenario

  • World Egg Market
  • Export & Import Data of egg albumin from & into India
  • World Status of Poultry, egg  & products, prices & Trade
  • Company performance
  • Company performance analysed
  • Exclusive Distributor

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