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  • Eggshell waste generated by the food processing industry
    alone amounts to thousands of tons per year
  • This waste is buried or used as an agricultural fertilizer and
    neutralizing agent. In most cases, hatcheries and companies
    that break eggs to collect the albumen and yellow must pay to dispose of the shells, since they are not used or processed.
  • Eggshell waste includes the shell and a membrane that
    separates the shell from the albumen (the white)
  • These materials consist of
    • 94% to 97% calcium carbonate;
    • 3% to 6% protein;
    • 1% various minerals (including magnesium, potassium and traces of iron, sulphur and phosphorus).
  • The shell’s internal membrane is made up
    partly of collagen, whose commercial value is over $1,000
    per gram
  • There are regulations that oblige egg processors to first process their egg shells further to eliminate the risks of contamination.
  • Therefore there is an excellent opportunity to avoid spending on waste disposal and at the same time manufacture value added products from
    both eggshells and membranes and maximize profit
  • The technology for eggshell powder production is well developed and its applications are well understood
  • The technology for eggshell membrane too is being developed and several patents are already obtained and the research organizations are approachable
 Egg Industry
  • The Egg Products
  • From Egg to Products
  • Risk Associated with the Eggshells and Inedible Egg Products
  • Uses of Poultry Eggshells and Shell Membranes
  • Egg powder manufacturers


  • Business Opportunities
    Egg Shell Processing
  • Calcium Source
  • Calcium Carbonate Content of Eggshells
  • Calcium phosphates from Egg Shell
  • Egg shells compositions of francolin, duck and turkey
  • The eggshell meal
  • Eggshell Flour in Food Industry
  • Egg shell and bio-waste manure
  • Eggshell Tester
  • Hatching Egg Shell Quality
  • Quality Problems

Egg Shell Powder Plants suppliers

  • Egg Shell Processing machinery supplier
  • Processing Machine 500 kg per hour
  • Processing 1000 & 1500 kg per hour machinery
  • Patent - Method of producing Egg Shell Powder

Egg Shell Powder applications

  • Egg Shell Powder in Concrete
  • Fine Aggregate In Concrete
  • Egg Shell Powder Composites
  • Eggshell powder - application as pharmaceutical excipient in tablet
  • Effect of egg shells powder on properties of natural rubber
  • Pesticides removal from aqueous media
  • Clinical Trial - health supplement
Companies, Products & prices
  • Eggshell Membrane Ingredient
  • Eggshell Calcium
  • USA Company product catalogue
  • Pharma Grade Manufacturer
  • Chinese Products & prices
  • German Company - Animal grade
  • Price list
  • List of companies
  • Trade Lead - Buyer
  • Indian Imports Data
  • Company annual report

Egg Shell Membrane  applications

  • The composition of Egg Shell Membrane
  • Egg-shell membrane (ESM) - Natural Bio template
  • Soluble egg shell membrane protein (SEP)
  • Eggshell Membrane in the Treatment of Knee and Hip Osteoarthritis
  • Eggshell Membrane Supplement
  • Natural eggshell membrane-derived product safety
  • Shellbrane
  • Research project information for sharing
  • Research project survey

Technology Information

  • Microwave assisted separation of Eggshell & Membrane
  • Separating Eggshell & Membrane
  • Consultant - Egg Processing
  • Patent - Eggshell Membrane separation method
  • Eggshell Membrane Separation - Patent
  • Eggshell Separation method - Patent

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