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  • Fatliquoring is a process of coating the surface of the leather with a thin layer of oil in the form of an emulsion. Fatliquor is oil in water emulsion.
  • Fatliquoring is the last of the wet processes involved in the manufacture of leather.
  • The preparation of the fatliquor emulsion which is to be fed into the drum containing the leather plays an important part in determining the manner in which the fatliquor will exhaust and is deposited in the leather.
  • The Amphoteric Fatliquor was prepared by rapeseed oil, 1,2-ethylenediamine and
    acrylic acid.
  • Fatliquoring influences the physical properties of the
    leather, such as extensibility, tensile strength, wetting properties, waterproofness
    and permeability to air and water vapour.
  • Fat-liquors help to prevent the loosening of leather grain and ugly appearance of chrome tanned leather after drying.
  • Scanning electron microphotographs of stingray leathers showing their cross section at a magnification of 500x in micrographs. From the micrographs it is confirmed that the
    leathers produced under process 1 have loose packing of fiber bundles. The
    appropriate modification made in the pickling process and the optimized amount of fatliquor given in the tanning
    experiment brings
    softness in the final leather through improved fibre separation achieved in tanning operation.
  • A survey is used to determine the optimal application conditions of three different
    fatliquors in order to get the best properties for the leathers in which the results of a comparative survey that was carried out between a sulfated triglyceride - considered to be a standard fatliquor - and three different kinds of fatliquoring agents, namely, a sulfited fish oil, a fatliquoring polymer, and a sulfited phosphoric ester.
  • Companies such as Colorantes Industriales have developed new ranges of fatliquoring agents, based on state of the art synthesis and formulation concepts.
  • The processes after fatliquoring also affect the performance of the finished leather and fatliquoring has a big impact in the drying and further conditioning of the leather prior to the mechanical operations.
General Information
  • About Fatliquor
  • Some Guidelines On Fatliquoring


  • Characterization and properties of organic silicon modified amhoteric Fatliquor
  • Fatliquoring of leather
  • Preparation of sulfosuccinate amphoteric fatliquoring agent
  • Leather tanning and finishing
  • Fatliquoring process
  • Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of phosphate Fatliquoring agent from soybean oil sediment
  • Synthesis of amphoteric phosphate ester Fatliquor by polyphosphoric acid and its application in free-chrome tanning

Study Analysis

  • Ester Phosphate of Discarded Palm Oil from Potato Chip
    Factories as Fat-Liquoring Agent
  • Study on the biodegradability of oxidized sulfiting rapeseed oil Fatliquor
  • Studies on the preparation of sof leathers from himantura stingray skins and their applications in foot and hand reflexology


  • Catalix® GS Liquid
  • Coripol® SBL
  • Dyimol
  • Eureka® 400-RU
  • Fatliquor Products
  • Leather Products - Fatliquor
  • Fatliquor: Product List 1
  • Fatliquor: Product List 2
  • Fatliquor range of products
  • Sella® tec SOFT
  • Seroil JP
  • Synthol UF 737


  • Advances and modern techniques in fatliquoring and retanning

  • An investigation on the leathers used natural fat emulsion in Fatliquoring process

  • Monitoring Peroxide Value in Fatliquor Manufacture
    by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

  • Reutilization of skin fleshing-derived collagen hydrolizate in the re-tanning/ dyeing/ fatliquoring phases


  • Emission Factor Documentation for Leather Tanning

  • Fatliquoring agent for flame-retardant leather

  • Sulphited Fatliquor for leather- specification

Company Profiles
  • Company from France
  • Company from USA
  • Company from Pakistan
  • Company from Kolkata
  • Company from India
  • Global Consultant
  • Consultant from UK
  • Consultant from Germany
  • Consultant from India
  • UK Consultant


  • Plant from Kanpur
  • Plant from Spain
  • Plant from Maharashtra
  • Plant from Goa
  • Plant from Barcelona
  • Plant from Kolkata


  • Fat Liquors and Emulsions and their applications
  • A Novel polymeric Fatliquor and its application in leather
  • The influence of the fatliquor on the physico-chemical properties of leather


  • Amphoteric fatliquoring composition.
  • Fatliquoring agents for the flame-retardant treatment of leather
  • Use of polymerizable oil for leather fatliquor.
  • Retanning and fatliquoring agent.
  • Leather fatliquoring agents combinable with tanning and retanning compositions.
  • Use of rection products of Homo- or copolymers based on monoethylenically unsaturated dicarboxylic anhydrides with amines or alcohols for fatliquoring and filling leather and fur skins
  • Polymeric retan fatliquor for low fogging upholstery leather.
  • Process of producing a fatliquoring chrome tanning agent, composition containing same and method of using same


  • Fatliquor Selling leads
  • Fatliquor Sellers
  • Fatliquor Exporters
  • Fatliquor Global Suppliers
  • Fatliquor Suppliers

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