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  • Fluorescent lamps operate by energizing the mercury in the lamp, which then gives off ultraviolet radiation that causes phosphorus on the inside of the glass tube to glow. Fluorescent lamps require a ballast to regulate the current that the lamp receives.
  • Materials in a CFL include glass, phosphorus, mercury, argon, plastic ballast casing and an electronic ballast circuit board
  • In the absence of a good recycling program, most people discard fluorescent lamps in the organic waste
  • The Governments with the support of nongovernmental organizations and other shareholders should develop alternatives to promote environmental initiatives related to the proper disposal of fluorescent lamps
  • Mercury-bearing lamps (fluorescent, compact fluorescent, mercury vapor, sodium vapor and metal multivapors and mixed) use mercury as a vital component for their functioning.
  • The amount of mercury in the most popular and widely used CFLs is minimal, ranging between 6 mg to 3.5 mg.
  • Lamps must be fully encased before crushing to prevent uncontrolled mercury emission
  • Recycling waste lamps costs money, however, the cost is small compared to the savings from using energy efficient lighting. The cost of recycling waste lamps is often considerably cheaper than disposing them of as hazardous waste. Therefore, recycling is a better option both financially and for the environment
Basic Information
  • About Fluorescent lamps
  • Manufacturing of the Lamps

Project Information

  • Project description
  • Master Plan for Collection, Recycling and Safe Disposal
  • Green Machine
  • Complete Project offer
  • HID Lamp Recycling
  • Lamp Recycling system
  • Recycling Plant - India
  • Recycling Plant specification
  • List of Plant & Machinery suppliers
  • Sourcing Scrap Lamps

Company Profiles

  • Company in Japan
  • Company & awards
  • Recycler - Company details
  • Recycling Centre
Global Scenario
  • World of Compact Fluorescent Lamp Recycling
  • Fluorescent Lamp Recycling
  • CFL Recycling across Europe
  • Recycling of Fluorescent Lamps in São Paulo, Brazil
  • Spent fluorescent lamps in Thailand
  • Recycling of Compact Fluorescent Lamps - India

Mercury Issues
  • about Mercury in the Lamps
  • Mercury Management
  • Mercury Recovery
  • Recycling of fluorescent phosphorous powders & Mercury
  • Safety fact sheet

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