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  • Forsterite (Mg2SiO4) is the magnesium rich end-member of the olivine solid solution series.
  • Forsterite is associated with igneous and metamorphic rocks and has also been found in meteorites.
  • Forsterite is named for the German naturalist, Johann Forster. It is one of two minerals that are simply known as olivine and the other mineral is fayalite.
  • Forsterite is a crystalline magnesium silicate. It is best known for having, like the other magnesium silicate, clinoenstatite, with the formula MgSi03 or MgO.SiO2, an extremely low electrical conductivity. This makes forsterite ceramics the ideal substrate materials for electronics.
  • Forsterite has been synthesized by solid-state reaction between MgO and SiO2,6 or bauxite and MgCO3,7 but also by various sol-gel methods,2,8,9 which include a H2O2-assisted process.
  • Refactory forsterites are widespread components of all types of unequilibated chondrites. The origin of refractory forsterites, have been traced by conducting an in-situ LA-ICP-MS trace element study of refractory forsterites from carbonaceous chondrites.
  • During weathering of forsterite and tephroite under the humid, tropical conditions of the Ivory Coast, intermediate Mg,Fe 3 or Mn2+-smectites appear prior to widespread development of iron or manganese oxyhydroxides.
  • Silicate impurity phases within the MgO aggregates are bright yellow CL monticellite and bright pink-red CL forsterite identified by CL microscopy.
  • Cr:forsterite is an appealing gain medium in the near infrared. The output is compatible with telecommunications wavelengths and its gain bandwidth makes it a good alternative to Ti:Sapphire systems for longer wavelength configurations.
  • The ternary system diopside forsterite enstatite (CaMgSi2O6 Mg2SiO4 MgSiO3) shows phase relations among the three most important minerals of the upper mantle and has long been employed as a basis for modeling the generation and crystallization of basaltic magmas and the compositional trends of their residues
  • Forsterite crystals, doped with Cr4+, Cr3+, Cr2+, Co2+, Ni2+, V4+, were grown by Czochralski technique.
  • The inherent Kerr nonlinearity of the Cr:Forsterite laser crystal can be accessed to generate ultrashort pulses using a technique known as self-modelocking.
  • Thin films of forsterite are synthesised in order to monitor in situ, by infrared transmission spectroscopy technique, the crystalline to amorphous transition during irradiation.
  • A new variety of simulated tanzanite known as "Forsterite" has recently begun to make headway in the retail market.
  • Forsterite is grown in Russia. A member of the olivine mineral group, natural forsterite also exists, and can be found primarily in Sri Lanka.
  • General Forsterite Information
  • About Forsterite
  • Mineral Forsterite
  • Information on Forsterite
  • Forsterite
  • General Description on Forsterite


  • Cathodoluminescencaend minor elementsi n forsterites from extraterrestrial samples
  • Identification of relict forsterite grains in forsterite-rich chonrules using cathodo luminescence
  • Synthesis of Machinable Optical Monolith of Forsterite-PMMA Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposite through a New Synthetic Strategy
  • Forsterite and olivine in sahara and chainpur chondrules: Compositional Evolution and the influence of melting
  • Trace element study of refractory forsterites from different types of unequilibrated chondrites
  • Refractory forsterites in chondritic meteorites, a link between Cais and chondrules
  • Synthesis of Forsterite Powder from Zeolite Precursors
  • Formation and distribution of mg, fe, mnsmectites in the first stages of the lateritic weathering of forsterite and tephroite


  • Femtosecond Cr:Forsterite Laser
  • Combining Mineral and Geological Sequestration Using TecEco Tec and Eco-Cements and TecEco Tec-Kiln Technology
  • Activated forsterite crystal growth
  • Impurity partitioning between forsterite crystal and melt crystallochemical and thermodynamic control
  • Forsterite ehondrites; the meteorites Kakangari, Mount Morris (Wisconsin), Pontlyfiri, and Winona
  • The titanium site in forsterite
  • Forsterite amorphisation by ion irradiation: monitoring by infrared spectroscopy


  • Properties of aqueous fluid at high pressure and migration of aqueous fluid in subduction zones
  • Dielectric and polarization behavior of forsterite at elevated temperatures
  • Elastic properties of Forsterite (Mg2SiO4)
  • The nature and origin of semarkona fine grained matrix: An indused thermoluminescence study
  • Photoluminescence properties of forsterite (Mg2SiO4) nanobelts
  • Scattering matrices and reflectance spectra of forsterite particles with different size distributions
  • Computer Simulations of the Structural and Physical Properties of the Olivine and Spinel Polymorphs of Mg2Si04

Company Profile

  • Company from Bratislava
  • Company from USA
  • Company from China
  • Company from Henan Province
Project & Consultants
  • Infrarot-Spektroskopie und -Lichtstreuung von Teilchenagglomeraten Infrared spectroscopy and light scattering of dust agglomerates
  • In-situ deformation of MgO and Fosterite at high temperatures
  • Forsterite dissolution kinetics: Applications and implications for chemical weathering
  • Final project Report
  • Ab initio calculation of electric-field-gradient tensors of forsterite
  • Forsterite experts


  • Selling leads of Forsterites
  • Trade leads of forsterites
  • Suppliers of Forsterites


  • The equation of state of forsterite to17.2GPa and effects of pressure media
  • The formation of chondrules by open-system melting of nebular condensates
  • 420-MHz Cr:forsterite femtosecond ring laser and continuum generation in the 12-mm range
  • The influence of sample texture on chrysotile dehydroxylation
  • Two-PhaseD ata for the Join Monticellite( GaMgSiO.)-Forsterite( MgSiO,):E xperimental Results and Numerical Analysis


  • Cathodoluminescence (CL) Microscopy Application to Refractories and Slags
  • Tunable Cr:F Femtosecond Lasers
  • Femtosecond Cr4+:forsterite Laser for Applications in Telecommunications and Biophotonics
  • The system diopside forsterite enstatite: A ternary model for melting of the mantle
  • Phase-stabilized Prism-based Cr:forsterite Laser Frequency Comb for Absolute Frequency Measurements


  • Magnesia granule coated with silica or forsterite
  • Method for forming forsterite insulating film on an oriented silicon steel sheet
  • Refractory fused forsterite
  • Flat packaged piezoelectric device using a glass-ceramic composite material comprising forsterite as ceramics
  • Method of making forsterite glass-ceramics
  • Forsterite-rich refractory sand composition

Market & Report

  • The history of magnesite production
  • Invest in Greece-Mineral resources
  • Tanzanite
  • Annual Report 2002
  • Carbon Dioxide Sequestration by Mechanochemical Carbonation of Mineral Silicates
  • Experimental Report
  • Newly Developed Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel Suitable for Application to Segmented Core Motors

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