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  • Fruits serve as a source of energy, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber
  • There are many ways of preserving fruits and making fruit bars is one such method.
  • Fruit bar preparations may include a mixture of pulps, fresh or dried fruit, sugar, binders, and a variety of minor ingredients
  • The use of gelled fruit matrices, dried gels or sponges, and extruders are new trends for processing fruit bars
  • Pulpy fruits like banana, mango, guava, apple  are best suited for making fruit bars.
  • Fruit bars are considered to be hygienic as they
    are produced mechanically. They are attractively packed and consumed readily
  • Fruit bars are good for the consumers, especially children due to their flavour, shelf life and nutritive values.
  • With good marketing network, publicity and proper placement of the products, Fruit bars can be easily sold
  • Small-scale Fruit and Vegetable
    Processing and Products
  • Preparing Fruits
Project Information
  • Project Brief - 21 tons per year
  • Project Outline - 30 tons per year
  • Project details
  • Fruit Bar Manufacturing
  • Fruit Bar Packaging
  • Technology from India
  • Technology - India
Equipments suppliers
  • Machinery from Taiwan
  • Australian machinery
  • Candy Bar Production Line from China
  • German Plant
  • Fruit Bar Sizer machine

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Production methods
  • Preparation of mango bar from frozen Alphonso mango pulp
  • Preparation of Mango-Sapota Mixed Fruit Bar
  • Mango Processing
  • Kesar mango pulp
  • Fruit bar using apple and banana pulp
  • Preparation of banana fruit bar
  • Carrot Bar
  • Guava Fruit Bar
  • Preparation of Guava Jelly Bar
  • Kokum Fruit Bar
  • Papaya Fruit Bar
  • Pineapple, Mango and Pumpkin Fruit Bar
  • Whole-Grain Fruit Bars
  • Fortification of Solar Dried Fruit bars
  • Fortified Sapota-Papaya Fruit Bar
  • Apple Banana Bar specification
  • Preparation of a Breadfruit Flour Bar
Market Scenario
  • Market trends
  • List of fruit bars manufacturers in India
  • Italian Company
  • Business Case Study
  • The Lunch Box

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