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  • Fuller's earth is any nonplastic clay or claylike earthy material.
    Fuller's earth usually has a high magnesium oxide content.
  • In some countries, like the UK, calcium bentonite is known as fuller's earth.
  • Fullers Earth is a a term which is also used to refer attapulgite.
  • It is a naturally mined clay that is considered a chemically inert material.
  • Fullers Earth was awarded its name several hundred years ago when wool textile workers or "Fullers" created a time-saving concoction to remove the dense oils from sheep's wool.
  • In England, fuller's earth occurs mainly in the Lower Greensand. It has also been mined in the Vale of White Horse, in Oxfordshire, England.
  • Ions such as cobalt, nickel, lead and cadmium were adsorbed from waste solutions onto attapulgite surface to analyze the sorption capacity of attapulgite.
  • Weathering of the fulIer's earth clay typically reduces the calcite content and increases the percentage of montmorillonite, resulting in a higher plasticity.
  • The relationships between the mineralogy, weathering and geotechnical properties of the Fuller's Earth formation of the Bath area samples were obtained from four localities.
  • X-ray difiraction studies, determination of refractive indices and chemical analyses point to the identity of the clay mineral constituent with montmorillonite.
  • Fine-grained fuller's earth makes a much larger plume than ordinary dirt, suggesting a larger explosion and allowing a smaller, safer charge to be used.
  • The fullers earth removes acid residues from oil and restores some colour.
  • Detergent materials as wood ashes or soda were used when washing in a large tub in which the fuller stirred the contents with a staff of pole because the alkali damaged the skin of the feet.
  • Fuller's earth (FE), largely consisting of montmorillonite, is recommended for removal of Sulphur mustard(HD) from the skin due to its high adsorptive capacity.
  • Fuller's earth, either the attapulgite-type or montmorillonite-type, is used in pet waste absorbents, oil and grease absorbents, and pesticide carriers.
  • California ranked third behind Arizona and Nevada in non-fuel mineral production, accounting for approximately 7% of the nations’ total. The market value of mineral production for California was $4.6 billion.
  • World bentonite, fuller's earth and allied clays market is forecast to exceed 164 million metric tons.
General Information
  • Fullers earth, attapulgite
  • Fullers Earth Clay Profile
  • What is Fullers Earth?
  • Fullers Earth

Company Profile

  • Company from India
  • Indian Company from Mumbai
  • Company from Sydney
  • Company from USA
  • Company from Vadodara


  • Flooring and Carpeting Consultant
  • International Consultant
  • Consultant from Minnesota
  • Consultant from UK

Commodity Report

  • Fullers earth Commodity Report in  2009
  • Fullers earth Commodity Report in 2010
  • Fullers earth Commodity Report in 2011
  • Fullers earth Commodity Report in 2012
  • Fullers earth Commodity Report in 2013


  • Fullers earth Production in 2002
  • Fullers earth Production in 2003
  • Fullers earth Production in 2004
  • Fullers earth Production in 2005
  • Fullers earth Production in 2006

Mining Process

  • Attapulgus Clay
  • Field Trip to Attapulgite Fullers earth Localities in Georgia and Florida
  • Clay Minerology and Plasticity of the Fullers earth Formation Bath UK
  • Fullers Earth
  • Adsorption Mechanism of Toxic metal ions by Clay

Application & Technology

  • Fullers earth as an agent for purifying heavy organic liquids.
  • Base Oil Recovery System-Oil Pure for Recovery and Reuse of oils.
  • From Fullerīs Earth to Bleaching Earth: A Historical Note.
  • Fresh bleaching earth for oil refining.
  • Study of the Efficacy ofCC-2 and Fuller's Earth Combination as a Decontaminant against Sulphur Mustard (Mustard Gas) Dermal Intoxication in Mice
  • A test for Antiberi-Beri Vitamine and its practical application
  • Sedimentation, Petrogenesis and Radio isotopic age of the Cretaceous fullers earth of Southern England
Material Safety Data Sheet
  • OIL-DRI Concentrated Floor Absorbent
  • Fullers Earth
  • Monokote Type MK-6S
  • Pyrolite
  • Type Z-146
  • Fuller's Earth Clay
  • Fullers Earth Cream
  • Fuller's Earth Powder
  • Premium quality pure Fuller's Earth / Multani Mitti powder
  • Fullers Earth Clay Soap

  • Method of Using a Diatomaceous earth Containing Adsorbent
  • Animal Litter Containing an Improved Clay
  • Decolourization Process
  • Method for Ecological Utilization of Acid Effluents of Fullers Earth
  • Process for Treating Contaminated Transformer oil
  • Revivifying Fullers earth


  • California Non-Fuel Minerals
  • Fullers earth Minerals Geological Survey
  • Zeolite, Perlite, Fullers earth, Diatomite and Kaolin Industry
  • EPA Office of Compliance Sector Notebook Project Profile of the Stone, Clay, Glass, and Concrete Products Industry
  • World Bentonite, Fuller's Earth and Allied Clays Market to Exceed 164 million Metric Tons
Report & Standard
  • Surrey Replacement Minerals Local Plan Background Paper - Fullers Earth
  • Montmorillonite and Smectite as a Constituents of Fullers earth and Bentonite
  • Fullers earth - Inspector Report
  • Reactions of attapulgite and sepiolite in High temperature Drilling Fluids
  • Sales of Bentonite, Fuller's Earth and Allied Clays to Exceed 164 Million Metric Tons, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc
  • Fullers earth Reclamation Requirements
Suppliers & Buyers
  • Suppliers of Fullers Earth
  • Selling Leads of Fullers Earth
  • Fullers Earth Manufacturer / Suppliers
  • Fullers Earth Exporters
  • Fullers earth Sellers
  • Chemical Suppliers
  • Fullers earth Buyers
  • Fullers earth Buying Leads

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