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Project at a Glance Contents on the CD ROM
  • Garment is a basic need for every human being.
  • Garments are formed with stitching which carries a substance detectable when illuminated by ultra-violet light. When the stitching is detected in a process of making garments, subsequent garment making steps are actuated in response to the detection of the stitching.
  • A clear complete demonstration of three basic hand Stitches used when making a garment explains the basting stitch, catch stitch, and thread tracing.
  • Twill garments that pre-wash garments after they are assembled have experienced problems with excessive “cut” or “broken” stitches. Many manufacturers have significantly reduced the number of “cut” and “broken” stitches by using high-performance sewing threads on stress seams.
  • The most basic unit of an apparel or garment is fiber which is further converted into yarns and threads before the final product- the fabric or the garment- comes into being. Threads used for construction and stitching of garments are vital to the Apparel Industry.
  • Garments stitching machinery is available in quite a diversified range of suppliers & origins i.e. Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and
    Hong Kong origin.
  • The clusters of garments stitching industry exist predominantly in Lahore, Karachi, Sialkot and Faisalabad.
  • Process parameters and the aspects of their interaction should be known and obvious if technological operations of garment sewing for a particular
    situation are to be determined.
  • Technological processes of garment manufacture  consist of a number of different types of technological operations.
    The type of technological operation implemented heavily influences stitching speed.
  • Factory technology should be upgraded to handle more complex design and stitching requirements, as well as smaller orders for high-quality, high-fashion products.
  • Indonesia is developing a reputation and a market niche for high-end, higher-quality garments.
General Information
  • Fundamentals of Fine Garment Sewing
  • Staystitching
Company Profiles
  • Company from China
  • Company from India
  • Company from USA


  • Plant from India
  • Plant from Mumbai
  • Plant from Santiago
  • Plant from USA


  • Exercise Garment
  • Pocket setter for flat and tabular garments
  • Device for working the hem of tubular pieces of garment
  • Protective garments incorporating bands of welded or adhesively-bonded elastomeric material


  • Construction & Stitching Defects
  • Garment Stitching Recommendation and Guide
  • Apparel Sewing Machine Operators
  • Garment Production Procedure
  • Stitched Up Your Home Sewing Guide
  • Technical Flat Sketching Tips


  • Projects On Children Garments
  • Garment Manufacturing Project
  • Garment Stitching Unit

Raw Material Suppliers

  • Dyed woven fabric
  • Buttons
  • Threads
  • Labels
  • Zippers
  • Packing material.


  • De-Constructed Garment Sewing with Louise Cutting
  • Garment Makers
  • A Study on garment production mobility in Tiruppur
  • Tender Document for lease of garment stitching unit


  • Garment Stitching Exporters
  • Garment Stitching Selling Leads
  • Garment Stitching Sellers
  • Garment Stitching Manufacturer & Suppliers


  • Consultants from France
  • Consultants from India
  • Consultants from Italy
  • Consultants from Pakistan
  • Consultants from USA


  • Zigzag Sewing Machine
  • Investigations of the structure and process parameters of sewing
  • Garment Making
  • Pocket Process
  • Sewing Ups and Downs:
    Placement of Fabric and/or Garment Pieces for Machine Sewing


  • 14th Century garment construction techniques
  • Fashion Designing and Sewing Technology
  • Use of noninvasive methods to document the characteristics of sewing thread used in US women's dress ensembles

Stitching Types

  • Bias-Binding Resource at a glance
  • Hand Stitches
  • Introduction to Fashion & Apparel
  • High-speed, Computer-controlled Buttonholing Indexer

Machinery Suppliers

  • Cutting Machine
  • Lock Stitch (Single Needle)
  • Lock Stitch (Double Needle)
  • Safety Stitching Overlock
  • Bar Tacking
  • Feed Off Arm
  • Button Hole machine
  • Waist Belt machine
  • Snap Fastener
  • Button Stitching Machine
  • Loop Making Machine
  • Elastic Attaching
  • Steam Boiler
  • Factory fixture


  • Cotton Value Chain: Skill
    Gap Analysis in Garments Sub-sector
  • Developing a price list for embroidery services
  • The Global Textile and Garments Industry
  • Quantitative possibilities of value addition along the textile chain in Pakistan
  • Garments Industry end Market Study

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