Gemini Surfactants
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  • A Gemini surfactant (GS) consists of two conventional surfactant molecules chemically bonded together by a spacer.
  • Properties includes unique structure, covalently linked, better wetting property.
  • GS have been used in the synthesis of new mesoporous zeolites for catalysis.
  • The most important feature of Gemini surfactants are lower CMC, higher surface activity (more efficiency in reducing the water surface tension) and special micelle structures.
  • A promising surfactants in industrial detergency and have shown efficiency in
    skincare, antibacterial property, metal-encapped porphyrazine and vesicle formation, construction of high porosity materials.
  • When compared to conventional surfactants, Geminis are three orders more surface active.
  • The higher surface activity of this surfactant  is useful for many applications in the industry for detergency and emulsification.
  • New class of Gemini surfactant has been emerged which composed of two hydrophobic tails and
    cationic head groups linked together by spacer group that is cationic Gemini surfactants.
  • Applications of cationic surfactants includes softeners, electro dicoatings, cosmetic products.
  • It have remarkably low critical micellization concentrations (CMC) when compared with corresponding surfactants of equivalent chain length.
  • Models of this surfactants includes 1.Phenomenological model  2.Computer Simulations  3.Phase Behaviour.
  • The project carried out by interactions between Gemini surfactants and a series of  surfactants which is  commonly found in pharmaceutical formulations.
  • Considered as a effective potential transfection agents for non-viral gene therapy.
  • The unique properties of these surfactants along with the increasing demand for high performance is currently driven into more potential applications.


  • Gemini Surfactants.
  • Models of Gemini Surfactants.
  • Cationic Gemini Surfactant.
  • Dimeric Surfactants
  • Novel class of Gemini Surfactants.


  • Cationic Gemini Surfactants Based on Tartaric Acid.
  • Salt Effect on Micro structures in Cationic Gemini Surfactant Solutions.
  • Elongated Aggregates Formed by Cationic Gemini
  • Properties of Cationic Gemini surfactants in aqueous solutions.
  • Complexation of DNA by Cationic Gemini Surfactant.
  • Anionic Interactions with cationic Gemini surfactants.


  • Twin 4000 Siloxane-based Gemini surfactant.
  • Gemini Surfactant
    TEGO Twin.
  • EnviroGem - defoaming wetting agent.
  • TEGO Twin 4100.
  • Green Gemini surfactants naturally derived.


  • Nonionic Gemini Surfactants.
  • Detergent compositions containing low concentration levels of Gemini surfactants.
  • Ester linked Gemini surfactant compounds - gene therapy.
  • Enhancement of soil release with Gemini surfactants.
  • DNA Delivery with Gemini Cationic Surfactants.
  • Gemini Surfactants and methods for preparing mesoporous materials.
  • Fluorinated Gemini Surfactants.


  • Synthesis of new series dimeric surfactants.
  • Synthesis of Novel Diammonium Gemini Surfactants.
  • Gemini Surfactants in the Synthesis of Silver nanorods.
  • Synthesis of selected Gemini Surfactants.

Company Profile & Suppliers

  • Company from Canada.
  • Company from Japan.
  • Company from USA.
  • Suppliers from China.


  • Novel sugar-based Gemini surfactants.
  • Heterogemini surfactants.
  • Gemini Surfactants: New Synthetic Vectors for Gene
  • Biodegradable Gemini surfactants.
  • Gemini Surfactants at the Air/Water Interface.
  • Gemini surfactants: A distinct class of self  assembling molecules.


  • Self-assembled Gemini surfactant film-mediated dispersion stability.
  • Micelle formation and CMC of Gemini surfactants.
  • Fluorescence study of Gemini Surfactants in aqueous solution.
  • A theoretical study of Gemini surfactant phase behavior.
  • Gemini Surfactant-Protein Interactions.
  • Gemini Surfactant in binary aqueous solvent mixtures.
  • Micellar Structure in Gemini Nonionic Surfactants.
  • Kinetics of the Self-Assembly of Gemini Surfactants.
  • Ecologically safe alkyl glucoside-based Gemini surfactants.


  • Gemini Surfactants at Solid-Liquid Interfaces.
  • Pharmaceutical uses of Gemini Surfactants.
  • Gemini Surfactants as Corrosion Inhibitors for Mild Steel in Formic Acid.
  • Cationic Gemini Surfactants as Novel Corrosion Inhibitor for
    Mild Steel.




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