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Contents on the CD Rom

  • Geothermal energy is the heat from the Earth
  • Geothermal energy is a clean,
    renewable resource that provides energy around the world through a variety of applications and types of resources
  • A geothermal system that can be developed for beneficial uses
    requires heat, permeability, and water.
  • When hot water or steam
    is trapped in cracks and pores under a layer of impermeable rock,
    it forms a geothermal reservoir
  • The natural replenishment of heat from earth processes and modern reservoir management techniques
    enable the sustainable use of geothermal energy as a low-emission, renewable resource
  • Current levelized costs of heat from direct uses of geothermal heat are generally competitive with
    market energy prices
  • Occurrence of the geothermal resources in India is mostly controlled by tectonic features and many locations have been found to have good potentials still to be exploited
  • Indonesia has 40% of world's geothermal energy
  • Future geothermal deployment could meet more than 3% of global electricity demand and about 5% of the global demand for heat by 2050
  • About Geothermal Energy
  • What is project Feasibiolity
  • Industry Overview
  • Company in Chennai
  • Company in Delhi
  • Indian Company views
  • Company proposed
  • Plant in Germany

Project Information

  • Exploration
  • Exploration technology options
  • Determining Geothermal Energy
  • Project details
  • Project Brief
  • Financing geothermal Energy

Project Feasibility

  • Sample report - heating system
  • Sample feasibility report
  • Cost, Size, Risk analysis
  • Consultant in Delhi
  • German Company
  • Indian Consultancy service
  • Project Consultant - Australia
  • Technology Analysis

India Scenario

  • Resources Potentials
  • Resources in India
  • Resources Locations
  • Projects for India
  • Potentials waiting to be exploited
  • New Prospects
  • Geothermal HVAC
  • Scope for the sector
  • Potential of Himachal Pradesh
  • Hot Springs
  • Potentials in Kashmir
  • Case study - exploration in India
  • Low grade geothermal energy
  • Government Support
  • Energy Statistics

Global Market Scenario

  • Future forecast
  • Industry Profile
  • Report - USA
  • Clean Power prospects
  • Market in Europe
  • Resources in Indonesia
  • Emerging Markets
  • Emission And Financial Analysis
  • Analysis on Geothermal Development
  • Resource Council
  • News letter
  • Links

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