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  • Gluten, a protein component of a kernel of corn, is not present at any level of production of decaffeinated coffee.
  • Gluten is the composite of a prolamin and a glutelin, which exist, conjoined with starch, in the endosperm of various grass-related grains.
  • The stored proteins of maize and rice are sometimes called glutens
  • Gluten is a tough, rubbery and elastic substance, which can stretch and rise due to the action of baking powder or yeast.
  • Therefore, the decaffeinated coffee produced by QUSAC Decaf Incorporated is Gluten-Free.
  • Gluten is used in the bread industry to supplement the gluten proteins already found naturally in flour and dough.
  • Gluten also has an absorbent quality, which is why bread is capable of soaking up broth. Because of this feature, gluten is often used by those on a vegetarian diet as an imitation meat.
  • Gluten can be removed from wheat flour, producing wheat starch. All of the gluten in wheat flour, however, cannot be removed.
  • The symptoms of gluten intolerance can vary per individual. Common symptoms include: constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, headaches, and fatigue.
  • Gluten proteins are considered a major determinant for the rheological properties of wheat doughs and the texture of wheat breads attained by straight dough processes.
  • Wet-milling processing roots are designed based in production of pure starch. Wet-milling produces four major co-products for the feed industry from the isolated steep water, bran, germ meal and gluten.
  • It was hypothesized that this par-frying, IR-finishing process would be able to produce both wheat and gluten-free (GF) donuts with a lower fat content but still instrumentally and sensorially comparable to fully-fried wheat donuts, the control.
  • Classical and chemometric methods have been used to detect falsified maize gluten products.
  • An improved testing method for the measurement of vital gluten, reported here as the vital gluten swelling index (VGSI).
  • Microfiltration of light gluten resulted in concentrate and permeate streams similar in composition to conventionally
    processed light gluten using a centrifuge, suggesting that microfiltration is as effective as centrifugation in partitioning solids and
    water in light gluten.
  • Corngluten Feed and Distillers: High demand is expected to come from the US domestic market. Consumers there are poorly covered so far and due to the higher corn prices feeding of DDG and corngluten feed might increase further. Export prices will therefore adjust to levels that are competitive against the domestic market.
  • Since only the fixed WCGF(Wet Corn Gluten Feed) price of 37.5 percent of the price of corn was assumed, variable WCGF prices were analyzed to determine the breakeven percentage.
  • Recent increases of wheat gluten imported into the US have lead to trade disputes.
  • Imports of gluten into the U.S. have dramatically increased 5.23 million bushels by some year from 1.79 million bushels in the previous year.
  • The estimated coefficients and confidence intervals also show that the gluten import quantity is significantly related to prices in three out of four wheat classes.
  • The ingredient system represents a valuable opportunity to reduce the use of gluten for dough
    strengthening – a timely response to high gluten costs
    which continue to skyrocket in line with wheat prices
    as global wheat supplies fall short of growing demand.
  • Hard red winter (HRW) protein market strongly influenced wheat gluten market but the wheat gluten market had its greatest influence on the hard red spring (HRS) protein market.
General Information
  • Beer, gluten
    and coeliac disease
  • Gluten Information Sheet
  • Gluten Questionnaire
  • About Gluten
  • Gluten Specification
  • Corn Gluten Feed
  • Gluten


  • Consultants from Bangaldesh
  • Consultants from Canada
  • Consultants from India
  • Consultants from London
  • Consultants from Spain
  • Consultants from UK
  • Consultants from Washington


  • Comparative evaluation of wet Gluten quantity and quality through different methods
  • Schematic diagram of production process of bioethanol, Gluten and CDs
  • Gluten-Free Pasta Made from Corn and Rice
  • An Alternative Frying Process for Wheat and Gluten-Free Donuts.
  • Hydrolysis of gluten and the formation of flavor precursors during
    sourdough fermentation
  • Improving Gluten Production: Development of a New Salt-Washing
  • Maize based gluten free breads
  • Corn Milling, Processing and Generation of Co-products
  • Pilot-plants studies on the continuous batter process to recover Gluten from wheat flour
  • Characterization of gluten processing streams Vital Wheat Gluten


  • Gluten-Based Bioplastics for a Controlled-Release of
    Active Agents
  • Analysis and clinical effects of gluten in coeliac disease
  • Application of Polymer Science to Properties of Gluten
  • Effects of Long Term Use of Corn Gluten and Soybean Meal on Dandelion in Turf
  • Evaluation and Demonstration of Corn Gluten Meal as an Organic Herbicide
  • The role of Gluten elasticity in the baking quality of wheat
  • Gluten structure and modification for ingredient use
  • Corn Gluten Meal Application Methods for Weed Control


  • Durum Wheat germplasm improvement for increased productivity, yield stability and grain quality in west asia and north africa
  • Fuel switch project on the Gluten 20 dryer of Tongaat Hulett Starch Pty (Ltd) Germiston Mill
  • Separation of Corn Fiber and Conversion to Fuels and Chemicals
  • Enabling technologies for wheat starch and protein seperation, drying, and utilization


  • Corn Gluten
  • Bradfield Organics Luscious Lawn Corn Gluten Natural Fertilizer
  • Gluten Assay Kit
  • ICT Organics Gluten-8
  • Reveal® 3-D Gluten Test
  • Vital Wheat Gluten


  • Gluten/Dairy Digest
  • EZ Gluten®
  • Gluten Product List


  • The Canadian Gluten Free Demand Market Grew 103% In 2009. This Is Important To America Due To Its Proximity And Trade Prospects
  • Economic Evaluation of Wet Corn Gluten Feed
    in Beef Feedlot Finishing
  • Evaluating the U.S. Wheat Protein Complex
  • Impacts of Gluten Imports on U.S. Food Wheat Use
  • Gluten reduction with high returns
  • Plant from Australia
  • Plant from Belgium
  • Plant from Canada


  • Gluten treatment
  • Savory gluten-free foods
  • Process for preparation of emulsified wheat gluten
  • Dewatering gluten with anionic surfactants
  • Gluten biopolymers
  • Modified gluten product and process
  • Preemergence weed control using corn gluten meal
  • Method for preparing bland protein enriched products from grain gluten

Equipment Suppliers

  • Gluten Centrifuge Machine
  • Gluten Dryer
  • Gluten Making Machine
  • Gluten Washer
  • Gluten Tester


  • Development of a Dot-blot System to Detect Gluten in Food
  • Epifluorescence light microscopy as a promising technique for studying
    the microstructure of wheat dough
  • A Farinograpgh technique for studying Gluten
  • Identification by microscopy and MS-based electronic nose
    of a fraudulent addition to maize gluten
  • Pilot-Plant Wet-Milling Process for Producing Corn Gluten Meal
  • Mixograph Responses of Gluten and Gluten-Fortified Flour for Gluten Produced by Cold-Ethanol or Water Displacement of Starch from Wheat Flour
  • A new testing method for vital gluten swelling index
  • Processing and properties of gluten/zein composite
  • Microfiltration of gluten processing streams from corn wet milling

Regulatory Act

  • Letters to interested parties regarding gluten labelling
  • Gluten as a Standard of Wheat Flour Quality
  • Timing of introduction of gluten into the infant diet
  • Concerning the composition and labelling of foodstuffs suitable for people intolerant to gluten
  • Codex standards for foods special dietary use for persons intolerant to Gluten
  • Nirt wet Gluten Program

Properties & Function

  • Some Properties of Dough and Gluten in D2O
  • The Effects of A Gluten and Casein-free Diet in Children
    with Autism
  • Gluten sensitivity masquerading as systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Rheological characterisation of gluten from extensibility measurement
  • Gluten sensitivity and neuromyelitis optica: two case reports
  • Gluten sensitivity: from gut to brain
  • Environmental Conditions During Wheat Grain Development Alter Temporal
    Regulation of Major Gluten Protein Genes


  • Food Allergy and
    Intolerance Education
    Training Project
  • Cropenergies Ag Mannhem
  • A Glutton for Gluten
  • Proposed ethanol production upgrade and including proposed odour reduction and waste water treatment measures for existing and proposed shoalheven starches operation
  • Development of Wheat Based Automotive Composites Using Wheat Gluten as the Matrix Polymer and Wheat Straw as the Reinforcement Material
  • Gluten and casein free diets in autism : a study of the effects on food choice and nutrition
  • Gluten and Wheat Free Food Brand Awareness Survey


  • Corn Gluten Suppliers
  • Gluten Suppliers
  • Wheat Gluten Suppliers
  • Maize Gluten Suppliers

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