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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Graphite is a mineral consisting essentially of carbon but often impure with clays, iron oxides
    and other gangue minerals.
  • Graphite is used in the manufacture of special type of
    electrodes, special lubricants and also in the atomic reactors in the form of bricks of high
    purity graphite
  • Graphite is also used for foundry when casting iron, copper, aluminium and also steel and magnesium under special condition.
  • Beneficiation of graphite includes gravity concentration and froth flotation. Sometimes
    chemical treatment like acid leaching and chloridisation are also applied for production
    of high purity graphite over 99% F.C.
  • Graphite purity is particularly important for the higher value end uses, like lithium-ion batteries, and is a key determinant in saleability
    of the product
Basic Information
  • Characterization Studies on Graphite
  • Graphite India 2015
  • Graphite India  2013
  • Mineral - Handbook
Technical Consultancy
  • Research Institute
  • Industry Specialist
  • Consultancy Organization
  • Column Floatation Technology
Trade, Market Scenario
  • Graphite - Natural
  • World Graphite Market
  • Purity, Size & Price
  • Graphite Industry Report
  • Project under Implementation
  • Graphite Reserves
  • Company in Australia
  • Project in Sri Lanka
  • Mining Network
  • Company in Canada
  • Company in Australia
  • Company in India


Technology Information
  • Beneficiation of low grade graphite ore
  • Beneficiation prospect of some of the graphite deposits
  • Pure Graphite
  • Magnetic Separator
  • Application in Grease

Project Information

  • Project steps for Success
  • Graphite Mine - Project Feasibility
  • Study for Graphite Mine & Beneficiation Plant
  • Mining & Beneficiation
  • Project Proposal
  • Project Summary
  • Chinese Plant

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