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  • Morchella have an important feature that distinguishes them from other fungi. This feature plays an important part in their reproduction, and helps explain why they have been so difficult to cultivate. This characteristic is called the sclerotium. It is a big strucutre, with large cells and thick cell walls. The sclerotium allows the organism to survive in adverse conditions. It also controlls what Morchella will do when it comes time to reproduce. Morchella have two options for germination. The first is to form new mycelium, the second is to produce a fruiting body.
  • It is collected during the months of July and August. It is usually found under the apple trees and sides of streams and rivers. Morchella deliciosa is of yellowish color. When fresh, its size varies from 6 to 30 cm and upon drying it becomes of 4 to 15 cm. It is very dark brown, and by the time they are mature they become nearly black, with dark ridges and light pits, with whitish or dirty brown stem.
  • As far as the import market is concerned, the most significant buyer of canned white button mushroom is Germany. This country alone accounts for almost 40% of the world imports. USA also imports canned mushroom, accounting for about 19% of the world imports. More than 70% of morels are produced in NWFP, while 532,280 kg were produced in 1997-98 . Unit price of Morchella esculenta is Rs. 4000 to 4300 per kg at local grocers level while at middlemen level its price reaches to Rs. 5000-5500 per Kg .
  • Only about 45% of mushrooms produced are consumed in the fresh form. The rest of the 55% is processed with 5% in the dehydrated form and 50% in the canned form. This is because their shelf life in the fresh form is very short. Netherlands is the largest exporter of canned button mushrooms with a market share of about 38.5%. China is another significant exporter of the processed form of this variety, accounting for almost 30% of world trade. France is another important exporter, contributing to about 13.5% of the world exports.
  • Mushroom farming is being practiced in more that 100 countries and its production is increasing at the rate of 7 per cent per annum. Production of mushroom has already crossed 5 million metric tons annually in the world and is expected to reach around 7 million metric ton in next ten years. India had been known world over for its exotic mushrooms. Total mushroom production in India was 48,000.00 tones in 2005. Punjab alone produces 20-25 per cent mushrooms out of the total production in India.
General Introduction
  • Cultural Characteristics of Morchella esculenta
  • Morchella
  • Morchella Classification
  • Morchella Esculenta
  • The mushrooms
  • Morchella Taxonomy


  • Morchella angusticeps
  • Morchella conica
  • Morchella elata
  • Morchella gigas
  • Morchella semilibera

Cultivation and Harvesting

  • Home Garden Patches Mushroom Kits
  • Grow Morel Mushrooms with Elm Trees
  • Growing Morchella
  • Need for scientific intervention for its cultivation
  • Morchella species harvest
  • Ecology and Management of Morels Harvested

Patent and Guidelines

  • Composition Process for the Production of Mushroom Cultivation Substrates
  • Cultivation of Morchella
  • Morels and How to Find Them
  • Finnish Mushrooms
  • Mushrooming Stories and Tips
  • Instructor’s Guide
  • Control of Fungal Diseases in the Production of Mushrooms
  • Delayed release nutrients for mushroom culture
  • Method of producing a mushroom aroma in mushroom cell masses


  • Potential and Market Status of Mushrooms
  • Guchhi herb dealers in Himachal Pradesh
  • Morel collection and marketing
  • Studies on collection and marketing of Morchella
  • Edible Mushrooms
  • Specialty Mushrooms


  • Species diversity within the Morchella esculenta group
  • Water activity of freeze dried mushrooms and berries
  • Isolation of cis-3-Amino-L-Proline from Cultured Mycelia of
    Morchella esculenta
  • Phylogenetic Analysis and Cloning and Characterization
  • Mushroom Cultivation and Processing
  • Storage and Processing of Edible Mushrooms
  • Physiological and Environmental Studies
  • A First Assessment of Genetic Variation Among Morchella esculenta
  • Harvesting and Marketing
  • The Mushroom Market
  • Sustainable Market Development
  • The Morel Mushroom Industry
  • Export Trends of Mushroom
  • Spring Morels and False Morels


  • Anti-inflammatory and antitumour activities
  • Edible Mushrooms as a Source of  Valuable Nutritive Constituents
  • Medicinal Mushrooms
  • Nutrition Facts
  • Fresh Mushrooms


  • A Case Study on the Exploitation and Management
  • Phenotypic Variation as an Adaptation Mechanism
  • Cropping the French Black Morel
  • The morel life cycle
  • Annual Report
  • Commercially Important Wild Mushrooms
  • Mushrooms toxin


  • Morchella Esculenta Suppliers
  • Selling Leads
  • Morchella Esculenta Selling Leads
  • Sell Offers
  • Suppliers
  • Trade Leads

Farms and Company Profiles

  • Baixing Food Co., Ltd
  • Morel Farms
  • D’Artagnan
  • FMF
  • The Great Morel
  • Melissa
  • Oyster Creek Mushroom Farm
  • Philips Mushroom Farm

Projects and Consultants

  • Australia's Fungi Mapping Scheme
  • Morel Project
  • DNA Polymorphism in Morels
  • Bhishma P. Subedi
  • Mushroom Expert
  • Harold W. Keller
  • James W. Kimbrough
  • Tan Yee How
  • Thomas J. Volk
  • Truffle Consulting Services

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