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  • H-acid is a dye intermediate.
  • H-acid production is a batch process
  • The process steps to produce proper dyes are: Known quality of raw materials, Possible mole to mole reaction Optimal pH control, Optimal Temperature control, Standardized the reaction efficiency and try to continuous improve it, Avoid filtration of dye if possible and adopt spay drying in house or out sourcing, which
    will be helpful to reduce the loss of dye and reduce the pollution load on environment
  • H-acid (1-amino, 8-napthol, 3,6-disulphonic acid) is manufactured mainly by small and medium-sized enterprises with a production capacity of between ten and 100 tonnes per month.
  • The promotion of such enterprises has created multi-media pollution problems. As the West stopped making toxic dye intermediates, such enterprises mushroomed in industrializing countries.
  • H acid prices are the main driving factors also caused by environmental factors, the supply capacity of the industry decline
  • Main Uses are to produce all kinds of azo dyes, used to dye wools, textiles, papers and paper textiles; also used to synthesize pharmaceutical.
  • Indian Chemical Industry


  • H-Acid Product profile
  • Production Process in Details
  • Green Chemistry solutions
  • Process waste water treatment
  • COD Reduction
  • Dyeing Cotton Fabric
  • Photo-Fenton process

Project Information

  • Project Case Study - Pollution Prevention Strategy
  • Plant & Machinery suppliers
  • Technology & consultancy
  • Consultants - technology & market
  • Consultant - Market reports
  • Raw Materials suppliers

Company Performances

  • Expansion Plan
  • Financial performance
  • Company Rating
  • Company - Annual report
  • Annual report


  • Process for isolating H and K acids
  • Process for preparing H-Acid
  • Process for the preparation of 1-amino-8-naphthol-3,6-disulphonic acid (H-acid)
Market Scenario
  • Indian Dyestuff Industry
  • Cluster of Industries
  • Manufacturers in China
  • Chemical Management - India
  • Recent imports from China
  • Recent Exports from India
  • Company - USA
  • H-Acid Manufacturers List
  • Newsletter

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