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  • A stud farm or stud in animal husbandry, is an establishment for selective breeding of livestock. The word "stud" comes from the Old English stod meaning "herd of horses, place where horses are kept for breeding".
  • The Carthusian monks are famous for their role in breeding the Andalusian horse in Spain, while monasteries in Bavaria were responsible for the original Rottaler horse.
  • North Carolina is a national leader in recreational horse production and ownership. Over 250,000 horses are housed on nearly 65,000 farms. These farms vary greatly in size from farms with one horse to facilities which board over 75 horses generally located near suburban areas on smaller acreage.
  • Only the largest of these farms have state approved waste management plans to protect surface and ground waters. The remaining farms have few resources to address proper waste and pasture management. Many of these farms are over stocked, housing several animals in undersized paddocks. These paddocks become denuded of vegetation and are sources of sediment, nutrients and bacteria for receiving waters.
  • The Farm and Ranch of Billy Parton was used as a demonstration facility. This Farm is near Morganton, NC, in the Mountain / Foothills Region of North Carolina. This horse farm had been utilizing many BMPs including rotational grazing, pasture establishment, heavy use areas, alternative watering, stream crossings, stream fencing, and riparian buffers.
  • The grant money assisted in training the owners to use BMPs on their farm for horse manure composting, purchased additional poly-tape electrical fencing to encourage rotational grazing.


  • Horse farm
  • Making a Profit with a Small Horse Business
  • How to buy a horse farm
  • Equine home page
  • Save the horse farms
  • Horse farm of distinction

Starting guide

  • Horse Farm Management
    Quick Start Guide
  • Equine guide
  • Fact Sheet for Horse Farms


  • Exploring the Role of the Horse Farm in the Post-Productivist Rural Landscape
  • Reproductive efficiency on fourteen horse farms
  • Epidemiological Survey of Corynebacterium equi Infections on Five Ontario Horse Farms
  • Energy efficiency improvements for horse farms

Business plans

  • Sorrel Farm's Horses `n Tack
  • Horse Farm Design
  • Business plan for an equine stud and deer rearing enterprise
  • Free Horse Farm Business Plan
  • You Want To Buy A Horse Farm!
  • Sample business plan


  • Proceedings of the Virginia Forage and Grassland Council 2010 Winter Equine Conferences
  • Horse Manure and Pasture Management Education
  • Wetland delineation  project
  • The Chesapeake Bay- Friendly Horse Farm Project

Horse Farms

  • Farm from Canada
  • Farm from Karnataka
  • Farm from Missouri
  • Farm from Mumbai
  • Farm from New Hampshire
  • Farm from U.S.A


  • Consultancy from Australia
  • Consultancy from China
  • Consultancy from Massachusetts
  • Consultancy from Miami
  • Consultancy1 from U.K
  • Consultancy2 from U.K
  • Consultancy from U.S.A
  • Consultancy from Virginia
  • Online consultancy

Farms for Sale

  • 147 Acre horse farm for sale
  • Kentucky horse farm for sale
  • North carolina horse farm for sale


  • New Phone System Helps Horse Farm Operate More Efficiently
  • Integrated Pest Management for the Horse Farm
  • Managing small-acreage horse farms
  • Environmentally Friendly Horse Farm Through Better Manure / Waste Management
  • Composting System for Small Horse Farms
  • Chesapeake Bay-Friendly Horse Farm Project Final Report
  • Pee Wee Horse Farm owner charged with six counts of animal cruelty
  • Ranch one of top 5 horse farms in US
  • A year in the life of central kentucky horse farms
  • Kendall Republicans Debate Open Space, Horse Farm
  • Easton Readers Debate Animal Cruelty Charge

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