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Project at a Glance Contents on the CD ROM
  • The concept of a HYPOGEN (HYdrogen and POwer GENeration) Facility for producing hydrogen and electricity, using fossil fuels as feedstock, with the simultaneous capture and storage of the carbon dioxide produced during the process.
  • The main feature of HYPOGEN that it has two energy outputs, one being electricity, the other hydrogen, can be used to overcome the problems caused by having to vary the electrical output of the plant.
  • Hypogen programme will give an important contribution by demonstrating the technical feasibility and economic viability of producing hydrogen and electricity from fossil fuels with near-zero CO2 emissions and promoting the development of hydrogen as an energy carrier.
  • Several technological options exist for Hypogen, mainly depending on the solutions adopted for: hydrogen production (fuel and process), CO2 capture and storage and electricity production (thermal cycle).
  • A Hypogen facility produces hydrogen and electricity from fossil fuels. The fossil fuel to be used in such a plant could be natural gas, heavy oils, or coal. To have a power and hydrogen production from fossil fuels with near-zero CO2 emissions, the Hypogen will be equipped with carbon capture technology and storage.
  • Hypogen will improve the competitiveness of the European industry, fostering the development of advanced technologies with a large export potential.
  • Electricity markets will allow financially viable operation of a  HYPOGEN plant given a sensible cap on CO2 emissions.
  • The evolution of hydrogen markets can only be projected and modelled as a high risk stream of income for HYPOGEN.
  • HYPOGEN, the first large scale test facility for production of hydrogen and electricity from de-carbonised fossil fuels, with geological storage of CO2 (with an indicative budget of ca. 1.3 billion).
  • Hypogen


  • Hypogen, the new range of onsite sodium hypochlorite generators
  • Hypogen Series Supplier
  • Hypogen System Supplier


  • High purity, high pressure hydrogen production with in-situ CO2 and sulfur capture in a single stage reactor
  • Process for the production of synthesis gas with conversion of CO2 into hydrogen
  • Hydrogen Production With CO2 Capture
  • Power Plant with CO2 Capture and Compression
  • Hydrocarbon combustion power generation system with CO2 sequestration
  • Method of operating a power plant with recycled CO2
  • Electric power generation/hydrogen production combination plant


  • Consultancy Service
  • Project Consultant
  • Towards Hydrogen Production with CO2 Management
  • Towards Zero Emission Power Generation and Hydrogen
  • The first pharmacophore model for potent NF-jB inhibitors
  • Hypogen pre-feasibility Report
  • A Large Scale Test Facility for the Production of Hydrogen and Electricity
  • Towards Hydrogen and Electricity Production with Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage
  • CO2 Capture and Storage Projects
  • Green Energy and Hydrogen from Coa
Hypogen Technology
  • CO2 Capture and Storage
  • Technologies for Coal based Hydrogen and Electricity Co-production Power Plants with CO2 Capture
  • Current Status and Developments in CO2 Capture Technologies
  • Introduction and interaction with ZEP and HFP towards ZEP
  • Investigation of how capture and storage could evolve as a large scale CO2 mitigation option
  • Linking HYPOGEN with Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Adoption
  • Near-Term IGCC and Steam Reforming
    Processes for the Hydrogen Economy
  • CO2Capture and Storage RD&D Priorities and Investment Needs
  • Recommendations for HYPOGEN plant in Europe
  • CO2 Capture and storage - a solution within
  • Technologies for coal based hydrogen and electricity co-production power plants with CO2 Capture
  • Near-Zero Emissions from Electricity and Hydrogen Production


  • An attempt at Designing Potential Sources of Financing Hycom and Hypogen Specific Projects
  • Bridging to the future
  • Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Dynamis - Societal anchorage of a HYPOGEN plant
  • International overview on hydrogen and fuel cell research
  • Phase tops Catalyst Hypogen in independent head - to - head study
  • DYNAMIS concluding remarks
  • Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage in Deep Geological Formations
  • Executive Summary
  • Expert Workshop on Synergies between HYPOGEN and the Hydrogen Economy


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