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  • Instant Flour is a quick-mixing flour which mixes very quickly into liquids and produces lump-free batters and gravies.
  • A type of pregelatinized granular flour that dissolves quickly in any type of liquid.
  • When flour is pregelatinized, it means that the starch molecules have been broken down with water and heat, and then dried.
  • Its properties make it ideal for use in a number of different applications.
  • Use instant flour in many recipes that call for cake flour.
  • Versatile flour is a great option that will often help to make food preparation a little easier.
  • Instant Corn Flour is used for making snacks items more crispy.
  • The Various Instant Mix flours available for Idli, Dosa, Vada, Pudding mix, Bajji Mix etc.
  • Due to number of women taking up of jobs, the market for ready mixes is increasing day-by-day.


  • What is Instant Flour?
  • Instant Mixes.
  • Instant Flour Mix.


  • All purpose Quick Mix.
  • Instant Dosa Mix Flour.
  • Instant Cooking Flour.
  • Instant Flour Mix for fried Cuisine.
  • Instant Flour Mixes.
  • Pakora Instant Mix.
  • Vada Instant Mix.


  • Instant Pounded yam flour production.


  • Project Profile on Instant Idle/Dosa Mix.


  • Production of an Instant Corn flour for Snack.
  • Preparation of Instant Soup Mix from Indian Dill.
  • Instant Stuffing Mix.
  • Instant Rice Pudding Mix.


  • Flour Milling Machine Production Line.
  • Nutritious Rice Flour Production Line.
  • Instant Flour Processing Line.

Company Profile

  • Company1 from India.
  • Company2 from India.
  • Company3 from India.
  • Company4 from India.
  • Company5 from India.
  • Company from Gujarat.
  • Company from Australia.


  • List of Suppliers.
  • Suppliers from China.


  • Chemical Characteristic and analysis of Instant Flours.
  • Formulation and Quality assessment of instant Dhokla Mix.
  • Quick Mix Secret.

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