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  • Inulin is obtained from chicory roots, and is used as a functional food ingredient that offers a unique combination of interesting nutritional properties and important technological benefits. In food formulations, inulin significantly improves the organoleptic characteristics, allowing an upgrading of both taste and mouth feel in a wide range of applications.
  • Inulin is a soluble fiber extracted from chicory root. Like other types of dietary fiber, inulin is found naturally in many foods, including: Jerusalem artichoke, artichoke, onion, asparagus, garlic and leeks
  • Inulin is a polyfructans which is widely used as prebiotic, sugar replacer, fat replacer and texture modifier
  • Inulin is found in many plantsófrom onions to bananasóbut chicory root is, by and large, the leading commercial source of food-grade inulin.
  • Traditionally farmed in Belgium, the Netherlands, and France, the chicory root is plucked, chopped, and extracted of inulin by a water process
  • FDA recognized inulin as generally recognized as safe (GRAS) product, which is expected to have a positive impact on market over the next six years.
  • Gaining popularity of prebiotic ingredients on account of rising awareness towards low fat and calorie reduction is expected to fuel inulin market demand over the next six years.
  • Food & beverage was the largest application, accounting for over 65% of market volume in 2013. Inulin is being increasingly used in dairy product formulation such as cheese, spoonable yogurts and butter
  • Global Inulin Market demand was 246.5 kilo tons in 2013 and is expected to exceed 400 kilo tons by 2020
  • Inulin
  • Chicory

Extraction Processing

  • Preparation of Inulin from Chicory
  • Microwave-Assisted Extraction
  • Inulin extraction and precipitation process
  • Production of inulin from Jerusalem artichoke tubers
  • Chicory root hydrolysate for the production of Polymer
  • Production of inulinase
  • Methods of Extraction


  • Food Science Technologist - Research on Inulin extraction
  • The inulin production-process
  • Research Contacts
  • Technology Company


  • Process for manufacture of Chicory Inulin
  • Improved process for the manufacture of chicory inulin
  • Process for manufacture of Chicory Inulin

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Product data sheet
  • Inulin MSDS
  • MSDS - Product of India
  • MSDS - Company in Mumbai


  • Product Information
  • Natural Sweeteners, powders & Spreads
  • Functional Food
  • Organic certified inulin powder


  • Application of inulin in food industry
  • Inulin-Type Prebiotics
  • Sugar Replacement
  • The effect of inulin or dandelion, chicory and Jerusalem artichoke powder on lipid indices and fatty acid profile in fattener tissues
  • Poultry Feed
  • Inulin and the immune system
  • Agave inulin in food products

Market Scenario

  • The world Prebiotic Ingredient Market
  • Chicory roots suppliers
  • Inulin Manufacturer
  • GRAS Exemption Claim for
    Long-Chain Inulin (lc-inulin)

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