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Information profile @ a Glance
  • India has a large domestic jewelery market.
  • Jewellery is for indulgence rather than for investment
  • India is the largest consumer of gold jewelery in the world with 29 percent share of the total global demand for gold as jewelery
  • Apart from being a large jewellery market, India also has a robust jewellery manufacturing industry.
  • Physical gold is usually purchased in bulk from importing agencies and then resold to smaller jewelers across the country. This trading caters to both consumption and investment demand in the market.
  • The trusted local family jeweler, with whom customers have relationships over generations, is still the largest channel for jewelery sales.
  • The gold jewelry retailing sector faces a seasonality factor that becomes apparent in the
    sales. Sales tend to peak during the wedding season
  • Marketing and promotional schemes are financially feasible only if sufficient capital / stock in terms of finished product to satisfy a customerís need.
  • Hence, unless one has a sufficiently wide range of jewelry items to cater to a prospective buyer attracted by marketing scheme, the attraction of that customer to your shop may not translate into sales but into higher average selling cost.

Basic Information

  • Guidelines for the Consumers

  • Jewelry shop Inventory

Companies & Performances

  • Shop in Mumbai

  • Chain of stores in Tamil nadu

  • Company Annual report

  • Company in Mumbai

  • Company Presentation


  • Indian Gold Jewelry Retails
  • Jewelry Marketing
  • India Gold Year book 2014
  • Indian Jewelry
  • Diamond stores in India
  • Imports into India
  • Jewelry shops in the USA
  • Indian Jewelry Industry
  • Japanese Jewelery Market
  • U.S. Retail Jewelry Industry
  • Jewelry Magazine
Design, Technology Information
  • Jewelry Making
  • Engraving

Project / Business Plan

  • Integrated business:
    Gold jewelry manufacturing and retailing
  • Business Plan - Kiosk
  • Franchising Option
  • Retail online
  • Guidance to retailers
  • RFID for Jewelry Business

Regulatory Issues

  • Hallmarking Agreement
  • Guidelines - USA
  • Security
  • Robbery prevention

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