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  • Lead nitrate is a white crystalline solid and is soluble in water.
  • An inorganic compound with the chemical formula Pb(NO3)2 and it commonly
    occurs as a colourless crystal or white powder & unlike most other lead(II) salts.
  • Synonyms are lead dinitrate, lead (II) nitrate, Nitric acid Lead(II) salt, Lead(2+) Salt, Plumbous
  • It is noncombustible but
    it will accelerate the burning of combustible materials. If large quantities of the material are involved in the fire an may result in explosion .
  • A highly water soluble crystalline Lead source for uses compatible with nitrates and lower (acidic) pH.
  • Lead(II) nitrate does not occur naturally. The compound can be obtained by dissolving metallic
    lead in aqueous nitric acid.
  • Lead(II) nitrate readily dissolves in water to give a clear, colourless solution.
  • As an ionic substance,
    the dissolution of lead(II) nitrate involves dissociation into its constituent ions.
  • Lead(II) nitrate forms a slightly acidic solution, with a pH of 3.0 to 4.0 for a 20% aqueous solution.
  • Current applications of lead(II) nitrate include use as a heat stabiliser in nylon and polyesters, as a coating for photo-thermographic paper, and in rodenticides.
  • Lead Nitrate is used for match manufacturing and explosives and as an oxidizer in the dye industry.
  • Addition of lead nitrate is a function of mineralogical composition of the ore.
  • In extraction of gold from a gold ore by the cyanidation process in which a leaching step including the addition of a lead compound which is lead nitrate.
  • Commonly added to activate the zinc dust used in the gold recovery process in the gold mines.
  • Once the lead nitrate is added to the ore slurry, it quickly becomes dispersed and the lead is diluted down to very low concentrations.
  • Lead nitrate made on a small scale as an intermediate in the manufacture of pigments for paints and dyes and later in pyrotechnics.


  • Introduction to Lead Nitrate.
  • General Description.
  • Properties.
  • Overview of Lead Nitrate.

Raw Material

  • Lead.
  • Nitric Acid.


  • Lead (II) Nitrate.
  • Lead Nitrate Msds.
  • Lead dinitrate.
  • Safety Sheet-Lead Nitrate.
  • Lead Nitrate, Reagent ACS.
  • Lead Nitrate-Data Sheet.
  • Plumbous Nitrate.
  • Msds of Lead (II) Nitrate.
  • Lead dinitrate Msds.
  • Data Sheet of Lead Nitrate.
  • Pb(NO3)2-Msds.
  • Msds of lead (2+) Salt.
  • Safety sheet-Plumbous Nitrate.
  • Lead Nitrate Solution.
  • Lead Nitrate Stock Solution.


  • Lead Nitrate Reagent ACS.
  • Lead Nitrate.
  • Lead Nitrate Solution 0.1M.
  • ACS Lead Nitrate.
  • Lead Nitrate Powder.
  • Lead Nitrate Solution.
  • Lead (II) Nitrate.


  • Process of Purifying Lead Nitrate Solutions.
  • Control of Lead Nitrate Addition in Gold Recovery.


  • Cautionary Response Information about Lead Nitrate.
  • Acute Toxicity of Lead Nitrate.
  • Cytotoxic Action of Lead Nitrate.
  • Hazardous Fact Sheet-Lead Nitrate.
  • Toxic impact of lethal concentration of lead nitrate.
  • Health effects of Lead Nitrate.


  • Lead Nitrate Preparation.
  • How to make Lead Nitrate.
  • Making of Lead Nitrate.
  • Thermal Decomposition of Lead Nitrate.
  • Lead Nitrate Synthesis.
  • Making of yellow paint with lead nitrate and potassium Iodide.


  • Lead Nitrate Drying Machine.
  • Lead Nitrate Vacuum Drying Machine.

Company Profile

  • Company1 from China.
  • Company2 from China.
  • Company3 from China.
  • Company1 from India.
  • Company2 from India.
  • Company3 from India.
  • Company from Hyderabad.
  • Company from USA.
  • Company from Mumbai.


  • Consultancy from USA.
  • Online Consultancy.


  • Suppliers List1.
  • Suppliers List2.
  • List of Suppliers.
  • Supplier from India.
  • Manufacturers from India.

Turnkey Provider

  • Turnkey provider from India.
  • Turnkey provider from China.


  • Characterization of Urea Lead Nitrate Single crystal.
  • Lead Nitrate on Survival Rate and growth performance.
  • Lead Nitrate on liver weight and serum total cholesterol amounts in stroke-prone.
  • Acute toxicity of lead nitrate metal salt.
  • Lead Nitrate induced Histopathological changes in the gills of catfish.
  • Genotoxic testing of lead nitrate in air-breathing teleost channa punctatus.


  • Advances in gold process recovery from complex ores.
  • CGA mining benefits from adding lead nitrate to masbate gold processing.





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