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  • Volume of Liquefied Petroleum Gases is considerably reduced when it is liquefied by application of pressure. This property makes transporting , storing and measuring easier. During usage, it is converted to gas with heat by reducing pressure ad used as gas state.
  • LPG is normaly odorless and tasteless, is flouvered with ethyl mercaptan to be easily noticed and served to consumers
  • LPG coming to burning room at the gas state, is more efficent because it doesn't release acid and carbon waste
  • LPG Cylinders are light-weight, hundred percent explosion-proof and rust-proof
  • LPG cylinders are generally available in 5 sizes today; 12,5L, 18,2L, 20,6L, 24,5L and 33,5L water content
  • LPG cylinders are to be designed for a variety of uses, including grilling, camping, boating, tailgating and forklift operation
  • Cost of winding machines for composite cylinders is in the region of 200,000 to 300,000 USD
  • India is Fourth largest consumer of LPG in the world after USA, China & Japan
  • Steady Growth @ 8% p.a. in LPG Consumption in India LPG
 General Information
  • Carbon Fiber
  • About the product

Composite Cylinder Design

  • Product Features
  • Company designs
  • FAQ

Company Products

  • Norway company
  • Czech Company
  • Denmark Company
  • German Company
  • Saudi Arabia Company

Standards ,Policy , Regulations

  • Code of Practice for
    Gas Cylinders of Composite Construction
  • Code Approval of Composite Propane
    Cylinders for Indoor Use
  • LPG Codes & Standards in India
  • Gas Cylinders Roles, 2004
  • Certificated Gas Cylinder Test Station
  • Storage, Handling & Transportation


  • Product Profile
  • Manufacturing Details
  • Fire resistance
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Technology Consultant
  • Product Certification
  • Patent - Cylinder
  • Patent - Gas Cylinder


  • Market - India
  • Business Opportunities
  • Composite LPG Cylinders fitted with SC Valves - tender
  • India Scenario
  • LP Gas Magazine

Project Information

  • LPG Composite Cylinder Plant
  • Automated production lines
  • Carbon Fiber suppliers
  • Raw Materials company
  • Composite Machinery
  • Plant from China

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