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  • The active ingredient, mancozeb, is a fungicide in a subclass of carbamate pesticides called dithiocarbamates.
  • Mancozeb is a grayish-yellow powder with a musty odor which is practically insoluble in water as well as most organic solvents.
  • It is a polymer of maneb combined with zinc.
    Mancozeb is marketed by the trade names Dithane, Manzeb, Nemispot, and Manzane.
  • The primary concern with mancozeb is its spontaneous degradation to ethylenethiourea (ETU) in the presence of water and oxygen.
  • Mancozeb has a very low acute toxicity to mammals.
    When used as directed, mancozeb is not poisonous to plants.
  • The physical modes of action of azoxystrobin, mancozeb, and metalaxyl were evaluated on grapevine seedlings using Plasmopara viticola as a model pathogen.
  • Two cohort mortality studies have mentioned the possibility of exposure to mancozeb, however, these cohorts had a very small number of cases and data on potential for exposure to mancozeb were lacking, making these studies less useful for an evaluation of mancozebís carcinogenic potential.
  • Seeds of both the species (common and Tartary buckwheat) were treated with three different fungicides, namely bavistin (carbendazim 50 WP) 0.1%, raxil (tebuconazole 2%) 0.1% and ridomil MZ 72 WP (metalaxyl 8%+mancozeb 64% WP) 0.25%.
  • Mancozeb is an ethylenebisdithiocarbamate fungicide used against a wide range of fungal diseases of field crops and fruits.
  • Mancozeb is used as a protective fungicide and in foliar and seed treatments to control a wide range of pathogens in field crops, fruits, ornamentals and vegetables.
  • Synthetic pyrethroids such as azodrin, cypermethrin, deltamethrin, fenvalerate and mancozeb are used for seed treatment of cereal grains, cotton, tomatoes etc., and for the control of undesirable insects in order to increase agricultural production.
  • The seed treated with high concentrations of mancozeb was effective in reducing common scab disease caused by infected seed.
  • Mancozeb is registered for use in many countries on horticultural and agricultural food crops as well as on ornamentals, tobacco and in forestry.
  • Chlorothalonil, metiram, maneb, and mancozeb are all labeled for use on potato to control of early blight as well late blight. These fungicides have been used in Oregon potato production, primarily for late blight control.
General Information
  • Mancozeb
  • Mancozeb Fact Sheet
  • Mancozeb Specification sheet

Company Profiles

  • Company from China
  • Indian Company from Delhi
  • Company from Hong Kong
  • Company from India
  • Company from Italy
  • Indian Company from Mumbai
  • China Company from Nanjing
  • China Company from Shandong


  • Ameliorative Effect of Ginger (Zingiber officinale ) on Mancozeb Fungicide Induced Liver Injury in Albino Rats
  • Comparative Physical Modes of Action of Azoxystrobin, Mancozeb, and Metalaxyl Against Plasmopara viticola (Grapevine Downy Mildew)
  • Critical Evaluation of Mancozebís Breast Cancer Risk
  • Evaluation of seed-dressing fungicides against sclerotinia root rot of buckwheat
  • Mancozeb - Processing Methods


  • Alterations in Hematological Parameters of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Exposed to Mancozeb
  • An Evaluation of Chemical Application for the control of common scab disease on potatos
  • The influence of high density planting, mulching, foliar fertilizer and Mancozeb on the yield of hot pepper (Capsicumsp).
  • Application of Antibiotics or a Copper-Mancozeb spray to control bacterial spot of tomato and pepper
  • Evaluation of Copper and Mancozeb mixtures for the suppression of watermelon fruit blotch of watermelon
  • Fungicide treatment and varietal effects on Alternaria leaf spot of Pima cotton
Management Standards
  • Standard for Mancozeb Active constituents
  • Fungicides and Other Plant Disease Management Approaches
  • Current Status of Soybean Rust control by fungicides
  • Mancozeb; Receipt of Application for Emergency Exemption, Solicitation of Public Comment
  • Cymoxanil Technical Curzate - Regulatory Note
  • Reregistration Eligibility Decision for Mancozeb
Risk Assessment
  • Pesticides and Breast Cancer Risk: Mancozeb
  • Environmental Fate of Mancozeb
  • Risks of Mancozeb and Maneb Uses to the Federally Listed California Red Legged Frog
  • Induction of Gonadal Toxicity to Female Rats after Chronic Exposure to Mancozeb
  • Mancozeb effects on the thyroid gland do not trigger R48/22
Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Bryzeb Mancozeb Agricultural Fungicide
  • Mancozeb DG
  • David Grays Mancozeb Fungicide
  • Kendon Mancozeb Fungicide
  • Laincobre M
  • Penncozeb 75DF
  • Searles Mancozeb Plus


  • Mancozeb 80% WP
  • Mancozeb 750
  • Mancozeb DG
  • Axiom MZ 720
  • Dithane OC
  • Mancozeb 6% Firbark
  • Mancozeb Products
  • Stature


  • Copper Modified Mancozeb
  • Fungicides
  • Microbicides
  • Nondusty spray dried mancozeb water-dispersible granules and the process for their production
  • Fungicidal compositions employing synergistic mixtures of phenylactetamide derivatives and zinebor mancozeb


  • Anti-implantation Effect of a Carbamate Fungicide Mancozeb in Albino Mice
  • Effects of Mixtures of Benomyl and Mancozeb on Buildup of Benomyl-Resistant Venturia inaequalis
  • Effects of Mancozeb on biocontrol agents
  • Induction of Gonadal Toxicity to Male Rats after Chronic Exposure to Mancozeb
  • Effect of different rates and methods of benomyl and mancozeb application on delay in senescence and grain yield of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L) Walp) under different cropping season
  • Effect of DDB on Mancozeb Fungicide induced ultra structural and biochemical changes in the liver of Albino mice
  • Absence of evidence for R42 labelling under the dangerous substance directive
  • Conclusion regarding the peer review of the pesticide risk assessment of the active substance
  • Dithiocarbomates
  • Early Blight of Potato
  • Phytotoxicity of Mancozeb
  • Understanding Pre-Mix Fungicides
  • Eye Irritation Classification(R36) not warranted
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  • Selling leads of Mancozeb
  • Exporters of Mancozeb
  • Mancozeb China Suppliers
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