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  • Mattress is one of the most important furnitures in our home.
  • An uncomfortable or inappropriate mattress can lead to poor sleep, fatigue and a generally decreased quality of life.
  • Mattresses are manufactured in four sizes: single, twin, queen and king.
  • But, most of the mattresses today are made with inner coil springs to provide comfort and support at the same time.
  • A typical mattress is a 23 cubic foot assembly of steel, wood, cotton and polyurethane foam.
  • But mattresses have typically been difficult to recycle and most of the municipal recycling facilities won’t offer to do it.
  • Dust can be removed from your mattress and divan using a soft brush. Vacuum cleaners must not be used as they can dislodge the
  • Solid foam mattresses also offer a wide choice of "feels".
  • Companies manufacture mattresses in such a way that they can stand rough and tough while  handling. If it is properly designed, they should not come apart easily.
  • Used mattresses contains bacteria, viruses, mould, dust mites and spores which makes re-using difficult.
  • In recent times, the recycling efficiency of mattresses has been  increased and a worker can easily recycle 20-25 mattresses per hour.
  • Many mattress materials are made from recycled and renewable materials, and so it can be recycled at the end of their useful life for use in other products.
  • Recycled foam and unwanted mattress can be then cleaned and used for making carpet pads and mattress pads, or even we can use for your pet’s bedding.
  • Recycled steel from the unwanted mattress can be used for construction purpose and we can save money on this.
  • Dry and un-moldy mattresses and box spring units are accepted for recycling. This includes mattresses from futons, baby cribs and toddler beds.
  • Sleeper sofas are not recyclable now.
  • The organised segment is
    beginning to develop and currently has a market of Rs. 980 crores.
  • Indian Company is notching up sales of Rs.380 crore (US$ 79.20million) while translating into a share it comes nearly 39% of the organised market.
  • Some of the tips to care your bed: Turn your mattress frequently. The materials used in the mattress are designed to conform to your body’s individual outline. If your mattress is 2-sided, do rotate your mattress head to toe after 2 weeks use.
  • When purchasing a new mattress, DO replace the foundation . An old foundation may not provide sufficient support. It may appear that your new mattress is sagging but it is really the foundation, that  supports the entire mattress.
  • A good foundation (box spring) is as important as a good mattress. Don't put a new mattress on an old foundation.
  • In order to recycle a mattress, workers must tear the outside fabric apart and separate the inner springs, wood, cotton and foam.
  • Hexagonal Roller Testing is a testing method used to test a mattress. In which manner that simulates human sleep movements, the rollers are rolled side to side. Mattress and foundation sets are subjected to 100,000 cycles of a 240 lb.roller.
  • Cornell Type Testing is another method which employs using a  mattress durability testing device, which subjects mattresses to 100,000 vertical strokes, simulating 10 years of use.
  • Mattress Flammability Testing can also be done. Mattresses undergoing these tests are exposed to open flame ignition.
  • UK-based Group announced a joint venture with two British firms to diversify into high-end mattress manufacturing with an investment of Rs 1,000 crore in India in the next five years
  • The Joint Venture will manufacture mattresses priced between Rs 40,000 and Rs 3 lakh in India. However, it will import from the UK to start sales in India
  • Another project is Rubberized Coir Mattress in Kerala and is an ambitious project realized with an investment of Rs.280 Millions. The manufacturing plant is among very few in the country to employ advanced technology
  • Another Mattress maker in India plans to invest Rs 500 crore in the country in the next three years for expansion, including setting up of two new manufacturing plants.
  • The firm, which is a licensee of US-based company is aiming to achieve up to 15 per cent share in the country''s Rs 6,000 crore mattress and pillow market.
  • Mattress basics
  • Facts About Mattresses
  • Heated Mattress Pads and Electric Blankets
  • Myths & Real Facts About Mattresses
  • Mattress Facts
  • Organic Mattress Facts


  • Flexible polyether polyurethane foam
  • Boric acid
  • JT eason bedbug control for luggage and mattresses
  • Infant Transport Mattress
  • Bed Bug Killer for Mattress & Carpets
  • Flexible Polyurethane Foam
  • ActiveGuard™ Mattress Liner


  • Pressure care mattresses
  • Top ten mattress brands in India
  • Best Mattress for Good Night Sleep
  • Leading Mattress Brands
  • Mattresses of 100% natural rubber talalay
  • Mattresses brands
  • Mattresses - Unbiased Reviews, Ratings & Comparisons

Recycling mattresses

  • How Old Mattresses Can Be Recycled
  • How and Where To Recycle Your Old Mattress
  • A Close Look at the Current State of Mattress Recycling
  • The Mattress Recycling Group provides a nationwide collection service for mattresses.
  • Mattress Recycling
  • Annotated Bibliography on Mattress Reuse, Remanufacturing, and Recycling
  • Mattress recycling process
  • Mattress recycling program
  • Mattress recycling diagram
  • Foam from disassembled mattresses
  • Mattress Recycling method
  • Mattress recycling in Vancouver

Caring your mattress

  • CT DEP Survey for Used Mattress Management in Connecticut
  • Best practices for bed bug management of mattresses
  • Mattress set care guide & limited warranty
  • Care and management of mattresses in in-patient areas
  • Caring for your bed
  • Mattress care

Choosing your mattress

  • And so to bed - Choosing a mattress
  • Choosing the right mattress
  • Choosing a mattress
  • How to choose a mattress
  • How to choose the right mattress for you
  • Tips on choosing the right mattress
  • Choosing a mattress with pinpoint accuracy
  • Choosing your mattress
  • Mattress buying guide
  • Another Mattress buying guide

Manufacturing process

  • Mattress Manufacturing
  • Making a mattress
  • Manufacturing Process of Mattress
  • The original mattress factory tour
  • The manufacturing process of Mattress

Manufacturing plant

  • Manufacturing plant from Kerala
  • Manufacturing plant from U.S.A
  • Manufacturing plant from Uttrakhand


  • Milk Bags Helping People in Need-Mattress Project
  • Mattress recycling
  • Mattress stewardship initiative

Machinery suppliers

  • Mattress assembly line
  • Mattress spring manufacturing machine
  • Production line of bedding and covering
  • Spring mattress production equipment
  • Machinery suppliers from Tennessee
  • Machinery suppliers from U.K
  • Machinery suppliers from U.S.A
  • Mattress machinery Manufacturers & Exporters


  • Testing of beds, Mattresses and cushion frames
  • Mattress and futon testing
  • Mattress testing
  • Mattress Testing for Durability & Performance
  • Sealy mattress test
  • The standard for the flammability of mattresses
  • Mattress testing
Turnkey service providers 
  • Turnkey service provider from Delhi
  • Turnkey service provider from Houston
  • Turnkey service provider from North Carolina
  • Turnkey service provider from Texas
  • Turnkey service provider from U.A.E
  • Another Turnkey service provider from U.A.E
Mattress Suppliers
  • Suppliers of Mattresses
  • Manufacturers of Mattresses
  • Selling leads of Mattresses
  • Mattresses Suppliers
  • Exporters of Mattresses
  • Mattresses Suppliers list
  • Supplier from India
  • Supplier from Hyderabad

Raw material suppliers

  • Polyester
  • PU Foam
  • Fibers
  • Box spring wire
  • Inner spring

Company profiles

  • Company from Chennai
  • Another Company from Chennai
  • Company from Delhi
  • Company from Karnataka
  • Company from Kenya
  • Company from Kerala
  • Company from Secunderabad
  • Company from U.S.A


  • Consultancy from North California
  • Consultancy from Texas
  • Online Consultancy
  • Market Structure and Trends
  • Mattress market
  • Mattress Firm Announces First Quarter Financial Results
  • Godrej eyes doubling mattresses market share
  • Current market
  • Viscoelastic foam mattresses:
    marketing hype or molecular miracle?
  • The foam and polythene experts market


  • Testing a $50,000 Mattress
  • Mesner reopens former Denver mattress-manufacturing plant
  • Caparo ties up with UK companies to make luxury mattresses in India


  • Kurl-on to set up mattress mfg plant in Jhagadia
  • The mattress matters
  • Effectiveness of Tire Mattresses Used for Erosion Control and Stream Bank Stabilization
  • Bed mattresses
  • Memory foam mattress
  • 100 % Natural Latex Core for Mattresses - Test report
  • Put Your Children to Sleep On Non-Toxic Baby Mattresses


  • Better mattresses improve care, cut hospital costs
  • Used Infant Mattresses and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in Scotland
  • New mattresses improves sleep over 50%
  • Quantitative assessment of potential health effects from the use of fire retardant chemicals in Mattresses
  • Evaluation of valley forge mattress and box spring encasements for preventing penetration by bed bugs
  • The Installation of ActiveGuard™ Mattress Liners for the Prevention of Bed Bug (Cimex lectularius) Infestation in Hotel Rooms


  • Inflatable Mattress: Uses and Benefits
  • Uses of Memory foam
  • Uses for Old Mattress Components
  • Uses for Marine Mattresses
    in Coastal Engineering
  • 10 Creative Uses for Old Mattresses


  • Mattress
  • Customizable mattress topper system
  • Inflatable device forming mattresses and cushions
  • Mattress or mattress pad with get section
  • Convertible sofa with contained air mattress
  • Waterbed mattress

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