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  • Generating between 20 percent and 33 percent of total waste
    in a hospital, the Opertion Room is one of the largest contributors of general and regulated medical waste. Operation Rooms have increased their use of single-use medical products due to concerns over infection
    prevention, sterility, and ease of use
  • Many of the clean disposable
    plastics in the Operation Room were recyclable, including polypropylene blue wrap, plastic casing, hard plastic from devices, paper lined with plastic, plastic from surgical gowns, outer casings of syringes, soft
    plastics from glove wrappers, rigid saline bottles, wash basins, and surgical preparation kits.
  • classification at waste generating sources, depending upon infection chance could be a method for the improved recycling of plastic wastes
    in hospitals.
  • The rising use of plastics in medical devices means that the capability of being sterilized is rapidly becoming a key selection criterion for any plastic to be used in a medical device.
  • Medical Plastics Recycling Program
  • Sterilization of Plastics
  • Sterilization and Disinfection
  • Syringe disposal

Technology Information

  • Medical Plastic Recycling in the Operation Room
  • Common sterilization techniques
    Performance Polymers
  • Shredder technology
  • Plasma Pyrolysis Plant
  • Non-Incineration Medical Waste
    Treatment Technologies
  • Disposal of auto disposal syringes

Patents Information

  • Apparatus & Method for processing medical waste
  • Recyclable medication dispensing devices
  • Plastic Reclaimed from infectious medical waste & medical devices manufactured therefrom
  • Medical devices formed from recycled medical waste & methods of manufacture

Project Information

  • Medical Plastic Recycling
  • Analyses of the recycling potential of medical plastic wastes
  • Plastic Waste Disposal
    through Plasma Pyrolysis Technology
  • Autoclaves - sterilization equipments suppliers

Equipments Suppliers

  • Shredder
  • Granulators for Plastic Recycling in Cleanroom Applications
  • List of plant & Machinery suppliers

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