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  • A medical store can be started as a sole proprietorship or a partnership and even it can be registered under company law with Securities and Exchange Commission of the country.
  • The Medical Store Depots were originally established in different parts of the country under the Medical Stores Organization primarily to meet the needs of army units in respect of medicines, surgical equipments and other medical supplies.
  • The investment in better location pays in the long run. The Pharma retails business is highly dependent upon the easy access for the buyers. This includes all areas near any major hospital or popular clinics.
  • The Pharma Industry has experienced major growth in recent years. As per an estimate the Pharma industry is growing at 18 % annually.
  • Pharmacists play a crucial role in any health system as they are responsible for providing solution related to medication.
  • The demand of pharmacists is further growing with the growth of pharmaceutical industry within the country and outsourcing from abroad.
  • The pharma market is growing at 27% annually. Reports peg the market at Rs 33,000 crore (US$ 5 bn). Revenue from pharmacies is expected to touch Rs 50,000 crore by 2010.
  • India today has the distinction of producing high quality generic medicines that are sold around the world.

Guide Lines

  • Checklist of requirements for Drugstore/ Hospital Pharmacy/ Retail Outlet for prescription and Non-Prescription Drugs
  • Documents for Grant of wholesale / Retail sale Drug license
  • Procurement and Operational manual for medical store organization  and government medical store depots
  • Wholesale prescription drug distributors license act


  • Pharmacy benefit management
  • Drug Store Management
    & Rational of Drug Use
  • Management of Medical Stores in Indian Armed Forces
  • Medical Store Management
  • Pharmiz - software for easy managing of medical shop
  • Complete pharmacy software
  • Capsule software for medical store


  • Pharmaceutical Industry in
  • PBMs: The Basics and an Industry Overview
  • Market Survey of Pharmacy Technology and Automation in Retail and Outpatient Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy practice in Saudi Arabia: directions, opportunities, and challenges
  • In-Depth Assessment of the Medicines Supply system In Tanzania
  • Uganda National Medical Stores
  • Outsourcing of drug license a lucrative business

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  • Drug Store  Business And Industry profile
  • Pre-Feasibility Study - Medical Store
  • Drug Stores - An Industry Study
  • Financial Analysis - Report Overview
  • Pharmaceutical Sector Profile: Uganda

Business Plan

  • Pharmacy Information
  • Pharmacy Business Plan
  • Starting a Drug Store Business
  • Starting a Homeopath Medicine Store
  • Medical Store Software
  • Human Resources for Pharmacy Sector in India
  • Indian Medicine and Homoeopathy pharmacy
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management - Resource Document
  • How to Open a Drug Store
  • Starting a Medical Supply Business


  • Allopathic drug License ( Retail)
  • Central Medical Stores Organization Government of Gujarat - General Terms and Conditions
  • Drugs Administration, Puducherry grant of drugs selling licenses
  • Iowa Wholesale drug License application
  • NH Laws / Rules Regarding Limited Retail Drug Distributors
  • To apply for grant of selling drugs licence (wholesale)
  • Nonprescription Drug Retailer Permit Application & Info


  • Pharma Retail In India
  • Industry Analysis - Drug Retail Industry
  • Status of Chinese Pharmaceutical Retail Market
  • Pharmaceutical Distribution in India
  • Indian Pharmaceutical Market
  • Unlocking the potential of the Indian Pharmaceuticals Market
  • Indian Pharmacy Chain

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