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  • Mica has high refractive index and a good chemical, mechanical and thermal stability
  • Mica with maximum achievable mesh size is used in cosmetic products because of its glow and adhesion properties
  • There are basically two methods of mica processing: dry grinding and wet grinding.
  • In dry grinding, high-speed rollers beat the mica into a substance resembling a sort of flour. Also called "bran mica," roofing manufacturers often use this coarser material to coat composite roof materials so that it doesn't stick to itself when rolled for storage or during shipping.
  • Rollers or grinders with teeth move slowly to tear at the mica under water. Some industries believe that the wet grinding method produces a better grade of mica, which is shinier and of better purity than dry ground mica. One drawback is that dry grinding machines' capacity is greater than that of the wet grinders. This makes wet ground mica more expensive in the marketplace.
  • One of the characteristics of mica is that grinding produces flaky powders with high aspect ratio which is the most important factor and determines the performance of particle
  • Wet ground mica have a high
    metallic lustre or silvery sheen and is free from grit. However, it is a slow and costly process, and therefore, the product is relatively expensive. It is especially used as a pigment extender
    in paints, particularly in zinc-oxide paint and as a mould lubricant and dusting agent in pneumatic tyres as well as wall paper.
  • India exported wet ground mica worth USD three millions with total quantity of 3,162, tons. Belgium is the largest buyer of wet ground mica followed by China and Japan
  • India imported wet ground mica worth USD 111,007 under HS Code 25252090 with total quantity of 155tons China is the only supplier of wet ground mica .
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  • Sample study for Mica Delamination and Color Pigment Production
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  • Wet ground mica manufacturer - India
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  • Indian Mica report - 2013
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