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  • Monocrotophos is an organophosphate insecticide.
  • Monocrotophos has also been shown to cause delayed neuropathy.
  • Monocrotophos is one of the most toxic pesticides to birds and is extremely toxic other wildlife, highly toxic to bees.
  • Trade names for products containing monocrotophos include Azodrin, Bilobran, Crisodrin, Monocil 40, Monocron, Nuvacron, Pillardrin, and Plantdrin.
  • Monocrotophos is a widely used, and extremely dangerous insecticide.
  • Monocrotophos is toxic to humans. It is a direct acting cholinesterase inhibitor capable of penetration through the skin.
  • Monocrotophos is metabolized and excreted rapidly and does not appear to accumulate within the body.
  • Leading pesticides used in India include monocrotophos. Analysis of blood provides evidence of exposure of the body to pesticides and gives an indication of the body burden of the pesticide residues.
  • The effect of timing of monocrotophos application on its efficacy for the control of budworm, Earias spp. on seed kenaf was evaluated for two consecutive seasons in replicated field trials.
  • The tolerance phenomenon after repeated exposure to monocrotophos (MCP) was studied in rats.
  • A method developed for the detection of pesticide residues in essential oils, to apply those methodologies to screen oils produced by major growers in
    the industry and to produce a manual to consolidate and coordinate the results of the research.
  • A report highlights the problem of mass OP-poisoning in India, resulting in high morbidity and also stresses the importance of a good laboratory support in a poison centre.
  • It has been reported that in an increasingly globalised economy, agrochemical companies have been able to access and develop markets world-wide.
  • India is now the second largest pesticide manufacturer in Asia (after China), ranking 12th globally.
  • Importers of Indian pesticides include the USA, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Middle Eastern, Latin American and African countries.
  • Use of monocrotophos, an organophospate classified by the WHO as ‘highly hazardous’, is prohibited in US.
General Information
  • Monocrotophos Explanation
  • Monocrotophos-General Information
  • Substance Identification - Monocrotophos
  • Pesticide Profile - Monocrotophos
  • Monocrotophos
  • About Monocrotophos

Company Profiles

  • Company from China
  • China Company 
  • Company from Delhi
  • Company from Denmark
  • Company from India
  • Indian Company from Mumbai
  • Indian Company from Hyderabad

Indian Turnkey Providers

  • Turnkey Providers from Calcutta
  • Turnkey Providers from Delhi
  • Turnkey Providers from Gujarat
  • Turnkey Providers from Haryana


  • Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Food
  • Analysis Of Pesticide Residues In Blood Samples From Villages Of Punjab
  • Evaluation of Four Spray Regimes of Monocrotophos for Control of Earias spp. Damage to Seed Kenal (Hibiscus cannabinus L.)
  • Induced eye lens cataract in Cyprinus carpio communis upon exposure to monocrotophos, an organophosphate
  • Monocrotophos Preparation method
  • Development of Tolerance to Monocrotophos

Application & Technology

  • Impact of Monocrotophos and neem oil mixture on defoliator mangment in groundnut
  • Dissipation and Leaching of C-Monocrotophos in soil clumns
  • Multiresidue Determination Gas Chromatography/Mass Ion Monitoring
  • Organophosphorus pesticides Methods
Management & Standards
  • Inclusion of the chemical monocrotophos in Annex III of the Rotterdam Convention
  • International management of chemicals
  • Outcomes of the review of moncrotophos
  • Policy guidance - Monocrotophos


  • Pesticidal Composition
  • Enhanced Propertied Pesticides
  • Herbicidal Composition
  • Process for the preparation of polyurethane microcapsules containing monocrotophos
  • Insecticidal Substituted indazoles
Material Safety Data Sheet & Product
  • Monocrotophos
  • Monochem 36 SL
  • Corophos 36 SL
  • Luphos 36
  • Monocrop
  • Pestanala


  • Effects of Sublethal daily dosing of Monocrotophos on activities of aminotransferases and glutamate dehyrogenase in rat brain
  • Efficacy of some pesticides against spider mite, Tetranychus urticae Koch and its predatory mite, Amblyseius longispinosus
  • The Effect of Subacute Doses of Organophosphorus Pesticide, Nuvacron, on the Biochemical and Cytogenetic Parameters of Mice and Their Embryos
  • Monocrotophos Induced Dysfunction on Estrous Cycle and Follicular Development in Mice
  • Teratogenicity of Monocrotophos in rats and rabbits
  • Monocrotophos - Health-based Reassessment of Administrative Occupational Exposure Limits
  • Evaluation of Mammalian toxicology and metabolism / Toxic kinetics
  • Toxic effects of monocrotophos on Paramecium caudatum
  • Monocrotophos in Hungary
  • Monocrotophos induced immunotoxic effects on avian lymphocytes through apoptosis
  • Monocrotophos - Hazardous substance fact sheet
Report & Market
  • Comparison of UPLC- and HPLC-MS/MS for the Analysis of Multiple Pesticide Residues in Food Produce
  • An episode of Monocrotophos poisoning with high morbidity
  • Maximum Residue Limits - Priliminary Assessment report
  • Determination of Pesticide Minimum Residue Limits in Essential Oils
  • Pesticides Inventory Report
  • Monocrotophos review
  • The Pesticides Scenario
  • Agrochemicals Market
  • Pesticide problems and solutions

Suppliers & Buyers

  • Suppliers of Monocrotophos
  • Selling leads of Monocrotophos
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