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  • Mucopain from ICPA contains Benzocaine. Benzocaine is a local anesthetic commonly used as a topical pain reliever.
  • Determination of benzocaine in mucopain gel is done by HPTLC densitometry. HPTLC method for determination of benzocaine and its applicability in the estimation in marketed product.
  • Mucopain gel (ICPA Health products Itd., Ankleshwar) was purchased from a local pharmacy. Mucopain gel was selected for benzocaine study since it can be extracted with much ease.
  • Small amount of local anesthetic (Dentipatch , Mucopain , Painless patch ,Lidocaine spray etc) is used for the simple surgical procedure to insert the AbsoAnchor microimplant.
  • The patient wase prescribed a topical anaesthitic gel (Mucopain) as symptomatic treatment for drug-induced ulcers.
  • There are 9 benzocaine-containing products registered in Malaysia, of which 2 are in gel form for oral use (Mucopain, Topicale).


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  • Determination of Mucopain by HPTLC
  • Evalution of efficacy of two topical anesthetic agents


  • Application of Mucopain

  • Tuberculous ulcer of tongue with oral complpications of oral antituberculosis therapy

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  • Mucopain tender document

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  • Pharmacological Agents in Dentistry

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