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  • The mushroom growing process, sphagnum peat amended with calcium carbonate added on top of mushroom mycelia-colonized substrate (compost) is called casing soil.
  • Casing is a top-dressing applied to the spawn-run compost on which the mushrooms eventually form.
  • Clay-loam field soil, a mixture of peat moss with ground limestone, or reclaimed weathered, spent compost can be used as casing.
  • Casing does not need nutrients since casing act as a water reservoir and a place where rhizomorphs form.
  • The number & yeild of mushrooms increased when leucine, sodium chloride & yeast extract were added to the casing at 10ppm at three day intervals for seven weeks. The size of the fruiting bodies were also found to be larger than that of check treatment.
  • The best yeild was obtained when the trays were treated with yeast extract.
  • Casing soils were either untreated or autoclaved at 121[degrees]C for 90 min to destroy populations of native casing microflora.
  • The casing soils were inoculated with L. monocytogenes and/or Salmonella sp., maintained under simulated mushroom-growing conditions (80 percent moisture, 23[degrees]C), and periodically sampled for enumerating populations of the foodborne pathogens.
  • The white button mushroom (agaricus bisporus) accounts for 99 percent of all the mushrooms grown in the U.S. Specialty varieties, such as the shiitake and the oyster mushroom.
  • There are 5 or 6 mid-sized farms producing 5 million to 20 million pounds annually, and about 100 farms each producing 1 million to 5 million pounds annually. U.S. specialty mushroom production is dominated by six farms.
  • The Australian government’s changing policy on tariffs has had a significant impact on the mushroom industry.
  • The only main concentration of operations is in the Hawkesbury district of Sydney, with about half the nation’s farms and 40% of production is mushroom.
  • The Australian Mushroom Growers’ Association (AMGA) represents 95% of Australian mushroom farms.
General Information
  • Advice for prospective mushroom growers
  • Pre-Prepared & Sterilized Casing Soil
  • Mushroom casing soil
  • Growing Mushrooms
  • Casing
  • Oyster Mushroom


  • Consultant from Canada
  • Consultant from India
  • Consultant from Netherland
  • Indian Consultant from New Delhi
  • Consultant from America

Production & Process

  • Mushroom — Agaricus bisporus (Lge.) Sing.
  • Waste Paper as an Alternative for Casing Soil in Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) Production
  • Small Scale Mushroom Production Agaricus bisporus
  • The new additive for your mushroom casing
  • Effect of Casing Soil Amendments and Nutrient Supplementation on Mushroom Cropping
  • Mushroom Flies
  • Growing Psilocybian Mushrooms In Soil
  • Primordia initiation of mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) strains on axenic casing materials
  • Sphagnum peat-based casing soils do not permit the survival of Listeria monocytogenes & Salmonella sp
  • Key characteristics of alternative materials used in growing media and soil improvers and the views of producers on these materials
  • Effect of Different Mixtures with Waste Paper as Casing Soil on the Growth and Production of Mushroom (Agaricus Bisporus)


  • Integrated Project on Production and Processing of Button Mushroom for export
  • The Dutch Mushroom Sector Small Mushrooms, Big Business

  • Development of alternative casing layers for mushroom cultivation
  • Newsprint-Coal Mixtures as a Peat Replacement in the Horticultural Industry
  • Mushroom Research, Development & Training
  • Cultivation of Agaricus bisporus on wheat straw and waste tea leaves based composts and locally available casing materials Part III: Dry matter, protein, and carbohydrate contents of Agaricus bisporus
  • Medicinal Mushroom
  • Yield response of mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) on wheat straw and waste tea leaves based composts using supplements of some locally available peats and their mixture with some secondary casing materials
  • Using Spent Mushroom Substrate as Soil Amendments to Improve Turf
  • Industrial Uses of Moulds and Mushroom


  • A Metering Device for applying casing soil on compost for raising mushrooms or the like
  • Plant and Mushroom Growth medium
  • Mushroom Casing Spawn


  • Best Environmental Management Practices for Mushroom Growers in Canada
  • Post - Harvest Management of Mushrooms with Special Reference to Himachal Pradesh
  • Transmission of Mushroom Virus X Disease in Crops
  • Integrated disease and pest control in Irish mushroom tunnels
  • Mushroom Waste Management Project

Report & Market

  • Manufactured Soils Conference
  • Monitoring and Assessment of Peat and Alternative Products for Growing Media and Soil Improvers in the UK
  • Peat and Peat Alternatives : Their Use in Commercial Horticulture in England and Wales
  • Mushrooms research reports
  • Mushrooms: An Economic Assessment of the Feasibility of Providing Multiple-Peril Crop Insurance
  • Mushroom Growing Industry
  • Report of Mushroom Taskforce Department of Agriculture and Food

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