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  • The common name mussel is used for members of several families of clams or bivalvia mollusca, from saltwater and freshwater habitats.
  • These groups have in common a shell whose outline is elongated and asymmetrical compared with other edible clams, which are often more or less rounded or oval.
  • Mussel farming has a long history that dates back to the thirteenth century.
  • Mussels are farmed in many areas of the world with the most common species cultured being the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis.
  • The main producers of mussels are countries such as China, Korea, Spain, The Netherlands, Denmark, France and New Zealand.
  • Thirteen species of native mussels occur within Western Australia, but these are all small species with low or no market value.
  • The Western Australian commercial mussel industry is based on the farming of the blue mussel Mytilus edulis although the actual identification of the species is a matter of scientific debate.
  • Recent evidence suggests that it is in fact the European mussel species, Mytilus galloprovincialis.
  • In the absence of a definitive answer to the taxonomic question, the name M. edulis is used here to be consistent with the Department of Fisheries legislation.
  • The origins of the blue mussel in Australia are unknown.
  • While it is possible the species occurs naturally in Australian waters, it is also possible that it came to this country on the hulls of early sailing ships when the continent was colonised by Europeans.
  • In either event, the species has occurred along the coastline of southern Australia for a considerable period of time.


  • Mussel
  • Farming
  • Mussel farming
  • Farming fish and mussels
  • Farming blue mussels
  • Mussel farming
  • Farming Equipment suppliers
  • Blue mussel farming as supplemental income
  • Greenshell Mussel farming
  • Shellfish Aquaculture: Culture Techniques, Selective Breeding, Shellfish Health, Cryopreservation
    Cawthron Institute
  • Climate change and resilience value of mussel farming for the baltic sea


  • Technology development for a reliable supply of high quality seed in blue mussel farming
  • Mussel farming in the Adriatic Sea
  • The ordeal of permitting Offshore mussel culture sites In massachusetts coastal waters
  • MBL Helps Launch Offshore Mussel Farms
  • South Australian Aquaculture Market Analysis Project
  • Proposed commercial mussel & shellfish aquaculture
  • The Icelandic blue mussel project
  • Offshore mussel farming
  • Update report on the green mussel culture project in western samoa


  • Mussel suppliers
  • Suppliers of Mussel
  • Mussel exporters
  • Mussel manufacturers
  • Suppliers list
  • Manufacturers - Mussel

Farming Techniques

  • Integrated assessment for use in system based management
  • Sustainable management of the mussel farming
  • Offshore mussel farming
  • Mussel farming
  • Mussel farming: alternate water monitoring practice
  • Mussel aquaculture in the northeast
  • Workshop on mussel farming
  • Extensive Farming Techniques
  • Mussel farming for improving coastal water quality in Kalmarsund, Sweden
  • Canadian farmed mussels
  • Cultured aquatic species information programme
  • National Empowerment Fund
  • Current status of the investment
  • Workshop on Mussel Farming
  • Values of mussel farming for combating eutrophication: An application to the
    Baltic Sea

Farm size

  • Aquaculture and the bay of plenty region
  • Mussel farms
  • Economic impact of Aquaculture
  • Modelling growth variability in longline mussel farms as a function of stocking density and farm design
  • Aquaculture in Golden & Tasman bays
  • Optimal farm size for the production  of the mediterranean mussel
  • Aquaculture in Marlborough


  • Transformation in the aquaculture industry : two case studies investigating empowerment and enterprise development
  • Analysis and diagnosis on waste byproduct generating from mussel farming on mussel farming on mussel rafts
  • Progress on new strategies for mussel farming in southern new england
  • How to handle risks in mussel farming business? An experience from denmark
  • Mussel farming in the state of sarawak, Malaysia
  • Mussel Aquaculture Industry Development Experiences In Different Jurisdictions
  • Mussel farm design
  • Enhancing profitability through improved seeding techniques in green mussel farming
  • Effects of mussel farming on sedimentation rates, oxygen consumption and carbon content in the underlying sediment
  • Environmental regulation limits growth opportunity
  • National seminar on shellfish resources and farming
  • Farmer's  perceived risks and risk management strategies in an emerging mussel aquaculture industry in Denmark


  • U.S. blue mussel demand holding firm
  • Topical developments in Denmark: food demand for mussel eating birds
  • ‘Buoyant demand’ for Scottish mussels
  • Business planning handbook for the ocean aquaculture of blue mussels
  • Farmers’ Perceived Risks and Risk Management Strategies in an Emerging Mussel Aquaculture Industry in Denmark

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