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  • Look for a stronger demand for Nitrile gloves as more and more healthcare facilities substitute latex gloves for latex-free alternatives
  • The medical glove industry experienced an uncommon surge in demand for exam gloves due to the outbreak of H1N1 flu virus. As countries worldwide purchased a larger amount of exam gloves to contain the Swine Flu, there was a shortage of gloves available causing manufacturers to increase production to meet the demand. Top Glove, the largest exam glove manufacturer located in Malaysia, reported running their production at 90% utilization rate in 2010 (versus est. 70% in 2009)
  • The overall demand for medical gloves will steadily grow as demand within developing countries increase at a higher pace. Although latex gloves still maintains the highest market share of medical exam gloves, Nitrile gloves will see the most success as hospitals focus on shifting to a latex-free environment.
  • Nitrile glovemakers are less affected by rising rubber prices as nitrile price has appreciated more gradually, thereby reducing the time lag between cost increases and pass-through. This is because unlike rubber, nitrile is not a traded
    commodity and is less affected by speculation.
  • Although nitrile is a petroleum derivative, its price is not directly correlated to crude oil because its raw materials are by-products of the oil refinery cracking process

Basic Information

  • Nitrile Rubber

  • Factors that Affect Selection and Performance of Disposable Medical Gloves

  • Why Nitrile Is the Better Alternative

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  • Dipping Machinery supplier - India
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  • Nitrile Butadiene Rubber suppliers
  • Project Outline
  • Consultancy
  • Machinery from Taiwan

Technology Information

  • Process of Manufacture
  • Dipping Technology source
  • Nitrile Glove Patent
  • American Patent
  • Video Clips
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  • The Outlook
  • Advances in the Malaysia's Glove Industry
  • Nitrile Glove Price trend
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  • Insulation products
  • Nitrile Butadiene Rubber

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