Oleyl Alcohol
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  • Oleyl alcohol is a fatty alcohol and it comes from inedible beef fat, as well as it found at fish oil.
  • The oleyl alcohol chemical formula is C18H36O and the another oleyl alcohol formula is CH3(CH2)7-CH=CH-(CH2)8OH.
  • A nonionic surfactant, emulsifier, emollient,creams thickener, , lotions & many other cosmetic products are used in oleyl alcohol. The thickener is used in skin.
  • Oleyl alcohol is a combined of aliphatic alcohols and it is  used to preparing cold cream and in emulsifying aid.
  • The natural fats and oils are derived to fatty alcohols and these are the high molecular straight chain primary alcohols.
  • It is a long-chain aliphatic alcohol and it has occurs fish oils Naturally.
  • It is incorporated into various formulations to drug delivery.
  • It was use an extracting as being non toxic for the microorganisms.
  • The weigh out 107 mg of oleyl alcohol & dissolve in 2 mL of methanol used in oleyl alcohol.
  • The effect of oleyl alcohol comes from cinnamic acid ratio was investigated by varying the initial concentration of oleyl alcohol in that  reaction system from 2 to 24 mmol dm−3 at a defined cinnamic acid concentration of 4mmol dm.
  • It don't demonstrate to any other inhibitory effect on the synthesis of oleyl cinnamate.
  • General information of Oleyl alcohol.
  • High performance
  • General description.
  • Hydroformylation.
  • The effect of surfactant monolayers.
  • Wax Esters in Fish.
  • Human Health Effects.


  • Msds of Oleyl Alcohol
  • Safety sheet of Oleyl Alcohol
  • Bis Ethoxylate
  • HD Eutanol
  • Oleyl-Cetyl Alcohol
  • Data Sheet of oleyl alcohol
  • Oleyl alcohol 70%.


  • Oleyl alcohol
  • Ethoxylate
  • Product of oleyl alcohol
  • Oleyl Alcohol Guide
  • Structure
  • Oleyl Alcohol Surfactant

Manufacturing process

  • Process Modelling
  • Optimization of Process
  • Performance evaluation
  • Aqueous Biphasic
  • Lipase-catalyzed
  • Catalytic Hydrogenation
  • Alternatives
  • Separation of butanol
  • Chlorinated alcohols


  • Optionally oleyl alcohol
  • Epoxy-Free hydroxy
  • Carboxylated derivatives
  • Oleyl alcohol with lower alcohols
  • Suppliers of Oleyl alcohol
  • Manufacturers of Oleyl alcohol
  • Selling leads of Oleyl alcohol
  • Exporters of Oleyl alcohol
  • Suppliers list Oleyl alcohol
  • Suppliers list1 Oleyl alcohol

Company profiles

  • Company from China
  • Company another from China
  • Company from India
  • Company from India1
  • Company from US
  • Company another from Us
  • Company from Germany


  • Infrared imaging
  • Extraction of ethanol
  • Enzymatic hydrolysis
  • Production
  • In Situ Sensing


  • Solubilization of oleyl alcohol
  • Extractive Capacity of Oleyl Alcohol
  • Alcohol oleicus
  • Physical Extraction
  • fatty acid methyl esters
  • Uses of oleyl alcohol

Technology & Market

  • Survey of Chemical
  • Transforming Returned
  • Natural Source Ingredients
  • Market Research Report


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