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  • The papaya is a large pear-shaped fruit with golden-yellow skin. It can be 75 to 500 mm in length and can weigh as much as 12 kgs.
  • The pulp of the papaya is also golden-yellow and is fleshy, juicy and smooth. It has a sweet-tart flavor.
  •  It has a large central cavity
    which is filled with shiny, gray seeds.
  • The papaya is a popular breakfast fruit in many countries and is also used in many food preparations like salads, pies, juices, and confections.
  • Papaya pulp tissue disks in an incubation medium composed of 0.4 M sucrose evolve ethylene at an optimum pH of 5.25 at 30 C.
  • Eleven formulations were prepared using different concentrations of papaya pulp and passion fruit juice and sucrose, and maintaining the concentration of acerola pulp constant.
  • Papaya pulp is also used in food processing industry.
  • Papaya pulp enzymes removes dead surface skin, reduces pre-existing infection and even encourages healing. nurses at the three hospital involved in the study said that the papaya treatment also reduce the offensive odor associated with ulcers.
  • The export market concentrates on processed papaya products like papaya pulp and dried papaya.
  • In order to be exported to Europe, the pulp/juices can be packed into single or wholesale packages (bulk) consisting of glass jars, tin
    ans or polyethylene or polypropylene bags, and also filled antiseptically into ‘bag-in-boxes’.
  • Bacteria that degrade benzyl isothiocyanate to benzylamine and hydrogen sulfide were isolated from papaya pulp homogenate by enrichment culture techniques.
  • Papaya contains a high amount of potassium and the flesh of papaya is very high in Vitamin A.
  • Papaya juice helps in alleviating infections of the colon by clearing away the infection, pus and mucus.
  • Jam is a product made by boiling the fruit pulp with sufficient quantity of sugar to a reasonably thick consistency, firm enough to hold the tissues in position. In its preparation about 45% of fruit pulp should be used for every 55% of sugar.
  • When Benzyl isothiocyanate was added to ripe papaya pulp homogenates, H2S was produced during overnight incubation under air or nitrogen atmosphere, and gram-negative rods were present.
  • Select quality of processable Banana, Sapota, Mango and Papaya varieties are growing in Gujarat, and that will be used for manufacturing of Freeze dried fruit juice powder / slices and dices manufacturing.
  • The starch was extracted from unripe papaya pulp powder and used as disintegrant in paracetamol tablets.
  • Though the majority of papayas are consumed in the fresh form, the market for papaya pulp, puree and juice (hereafter papayapulp) has grown in importance in the past few years.
  • Usually papaya pulp is used in a mixture with other fruits for yoghurt, baby food and multi-fruit drinks.
  • Traded papaya pulp is usually produced with a brix strength of 20-25.
  • Pulp imported into EEC countries are mostly frozen in drums, with a trend toward aseptic packaging.
General Information
  • About Papaya
  • General Information about Papaya


  • Papaya Pulp Processing
  • Establishing a schedule to determine the optimal thermal process time for some canned fruit products
  • Determination of thermal diffusivity in papaya pulp as a function of maturation stage
  • Papaya pulp gelling: Is it premature ripening or problems of water accumulation in the apoplast


  • Quality of guava and papaya fruit pulp as influenced by blending ratio and storage period
  • Inhibition of Ethylene Evolution in Papaya Pulp Tissue by Benzyl Isothiocyanate
  • Sensory acceptance of mixed nectar of papaya, passion fruit and acerola
  • Growth of Salmonella Enteritidis in melon, watermelon and papaya pulp stored at different times and temperatures
  • Growth of Listeria monocytogenes in melon, watermelon and papaya pulps


  • Physiological changes and cell wall degradation in papaya fruits cv. ‘Kaek Dum’ and ‘Red Maradol’ treated with
    1- methylcyclopropene
  • Influence of effective microorganisms on growth and fruit characteristics of papaya in Egypt
  • Isolation and Evaluation of Binding Property of Pappaya Starch in Diclofenac Sodium Tablet
  • To compare the disintegrating property of papaya starch and sago starch in paracetamol tablets
  • Studies on quality improvement of guava bar by blending with papaya and pineapple


  • Papaya scraping machine
  • Quarantine system for papaya
  • Papaya juice product and process
  • Cosmetic or pharmaceutical product for external use based on papaya
  • Method to control the ripening of papaya fruit and confer disease resistance to papaya plants
  • Method for removing seeds from papayas
  • Nucleic acid molecules relating to papaya ripening
  • Isolated nucleic acid molecules relating to papaya fruit ripening

Company Profiles &  Consultancy

  • Company from India
  • Another company from India
  • Consultant from New Delhi
  • Consultant from Mangalore
  • Consultant from Netherland
  • Papaya - Power-Packed With Powerful Enzymes
  • Review on nutritional, medicinal and pharmacological properties of papaya
  • Preliminary screening of papaya varieties for wine making using various wine yeast isolated from over ripened papaya fruits
  • Papaya body polish
  • Standardization technology of papaya wine making and quality changes in papaya
    wine as influenced by different sources of inoculums and pectolytic enzyme


  • Garden Fresh Pure Natural Papaya Pulp
  • Red papaya pulp
  • Organic Tropical Fruit Products: Aseptic
  • Value Added Products of Papaya
  • Yellow Papaya Pulp


  • Passion Fruit Recipes
  • Liquid Nitrogen Papaya
  • The Papaya in Hawaii
  • Quick Bread Recipes
  • Papaya Bread


  • Bacterial Degradation of Benzyl Isothiocyanate
  • L-ascorbic acid, b-carotene and lycopene content in papaya fruits with or without physiological skin freckles
  • Determination of vitamin C in tropical fruits: a comparative evaluation of methods


  • Food Processing: Processed and canned fruits
  • Freeze Dried Fruit Juice Powder/Slices/Dices
  • Fruit Jam, Jelly and Marmalade
  • Project Proposal For Establishment of Low cost preservation Unit(New)


  • Australian Market Analysis – Fiji and Pacific Island Papaya
  • Papaya Varieties
  • Papaya Pulp Market report
  • The market for papaya from Fiji and other Pacific Islands – New Zealand Study


  • Fruit pulps and concentrates
  • Eggs, maize meal and papaya pulp
  • Food Processing - Fermenting papaya pulp and juice
  • Export Trade Procedure and Related Issues
  • Subtropical and tropical fruit juices - advanced technology approach for their production through utilization of macerating enzymes in developing countries
  • The nutritive value of papaya


  • Papaya Pulp suppliers
  • Exporters of Papaya Pulp
  • Selling leads of Papaya Pulp

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