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  • Finding a place to park is always a problem – at airports, railway stations,
    shopping malls or hotels, not to mention
    private residential estates or in the
    city center.
  • Three types of car parks are built. They are Surface Car Park , stand-alone
    Multi-Storey Car Park and Integrated Car Park
  • Parking has always been one of the major setbacks of customer satisfaction at big shopping malls, theme parks, airports ...
  • Customers complain that searching for empty spots in huge parking lots often takes too much time and causes too much stress
  • Inefficient parking does cause a significant reduction in potential revenue. With effective organization, revenues could go up as high as 5% per year. Besides, in today’s severe competition for market share, customer satisfaction plays a vital role in determining which companies survive and which ones don’t. Providing better service before anyone else could give a company significant advantage over its competitors
  • Unless properly located and designed, parking lots can adversely impact water resources. Local officials should
    develop plans and adopt land use regulations that minimize or negate the potential environmental impacts of improperly sited impervious parking lots
  • Since parking is a function of land use, there is a uniform standard prescribed for meeting the parking requirement at different land use developments. The specifications prescribed by the Indian Road Congress and zone regulations by the master plan of the area, recommend appropriate norms for providing parking space. A car requires a space of 2.5 x 5.0 meters, while a mini bus or van requires an area of 3.0 x 6.0 meters
  • A parking garage of 200 x 300 ft can accommodate roughly 150 cars or 600 scooter/motorcycles. A five-storey parking garage can easily accommodate parking requirement of 250 cars and between 1000-1500 scooters/motorcycles
  • The equipment required for parking management are mostly imported
  • Parking guidance system for multi-storey car parks is a ground breaking
    innovation in the field of car park
    management. It ensures optimum transparency with regard to which and how many parking spaces are occupied at any particular time. When a car drives
    into the garage, the guidance system
    directs the driver to a free parking
    space along the shortest possible route.
  • Return on investments, from these parking garages, can come in many forms; commercial utilization of the premises and user fees
  • Multilevel parking system is highly being recommended by municipal bodies. Delhi already has one such parking at Nehru Place, built by Eros Group.there are multi-level parking garages coming soon at Connaught Place, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Baba Kharak Singh Marg and Sarojini Nagar. Mumbai has one coming up at Nariman point. Estimate is that a city like Chennai would need approximately 25 such five-storey parking lots, and 50 odd medium level parking garages.
About Parking Lots
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  • Impact of Multi-Storey Car Parks
  • Concrete Parking Lots
  • Project of automated garage

Project & Technology Information

  • Public parking site selection
  • Car parking and commercial facilities
    International Terminal Precinct - sample proposal
  • The business of parking lots
  • A Sustainable Parking Lot
  • Project Consultant
  • Multi-storey Car Parks - Turnkey solutions
  • Planning Guide & Checklist
  • Land allocations
  • Proposal for Erection of a multi-storey car park with surface car parking and landscaping
  • The perfect solution for multi-storey car parks
  • Hospital Multi-Storey Car Park
  • Concrete Parking Lot Construction Business


  • Elements of a city parking policy
  • Multi Storey Car Park Act
  • Indian Urban Transport Policy
  • Car Parking: Policy & Procedures
  • To control the provision of non-residential car parking
  • Disabilities Act
  • Danger In The Parking Lot

Indian Scenario

  • Sample project proposal
  • Project Proposed
  • Project Consultancy company
  • Automated Car Parking Systems
  • Intelligent Car Parking Lot Management system
  • Parking policy and parking solutions - Delhi
  • Kolkata Parking lot system
  • Parking policy in India
  • Sample tender


  • Parking Management
  • Fringe parking
  • Parking - Visions and Experiences
  • Automobiles & Empty spot finding system
  • Parking guidance system
  • Intelligent parking control management system
  • Parking Lot Procedures
  • Car Parking terms
  • Cycle/Motor cycle/Scooter/Car parking contracts
  • Hospital Car Parking Charges
  • Safety Management
  • Parking Lot Safety FactSheet
  • Parking Lot Accidents
  • Long Term and Overnight Car Parking
  • Tender Invitation - sample
  • Parking Lot Attendant

Case studies

  • Multi-Storey Car Park and Comfort Station
  • Automated Parking Management system at International Airport
  • Single Storey Car Park

 Design Information

  • Parking Lot design
  • Car Parking Layout - sample
  • Parking Lot Entrance Sign
  • Parking Bays - Layout
  • Location Map
  • Tech Park Layout
  • University Parking Lot map

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